Support The Bubble Cafe with a Softplay

by The Bubble Cafe & Softplay in Bedminster, England, United Kingdom

Support The Bubble Cafe with a Softplay


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This crowdfunding is to support a cafe & softplay and also treat NHS staff and other important workers and their children after Covid-19

by The Bubble Cafe & Softplay in Bedminster, England, United Kingdom

What is our business?

The Bubble Cafe is an incredibly unique place for foodie lovers and families with young children, offering delicious artisan coffee, freshly made food and a very sophisticated  softplay facility on the high street  for children to enjoy whilst moms and dads chill out and get some 'me time'.

In addition to the general use of the softplay, we offer amazing birthday party hosting products for parents to let their birthday boy or girl run riot with their friends, eat freshly prepared food and enjoy a delicious waffle with ice cream and sprinkles for dessert. 

And then, we also provide an added convenience of delivering our fantastic food and drinks to customers' home or workplace, allowing customers to place orders from our menu online (at

So why are we crowdfunding?

We have introduced a fresh vibrancy into the high street with this unique blend of products and services to delight customers, having heavily invested in the softplay structure and many high-end kitchen & beverage equipment. We are a small family run business, employing six staff and have become a smash hit within the Bristol community since we first opened in October, 2016.

Now, enter Covid-19! This dreaded eeevil pandemic has ground our business to a halt!! So in the interest of customer and staff safety and not to put a burden on the NHS, we made the decision to close shop until the social distancing measures are lifted. 

In the meantime, our business suffers from zero cash-flow but we still have ongoing high overheads (loans for the initial shop fitting & renovation, leases for expensive softplay and kitchen equipment, property leasing costs and ongoing utility bills) as we are not open to serve our many local and loyal customers...notably our little boys and girls that loved to come into The Bubble Cafe's softplay to play, drink and eat.  

We need the support and generosity of anybody who cares about welfare of the high street and wishes to see family businesses adding value to the community into the very long term. The Bubble Cafe is a a fantastic little business and if not for the coronavirus, we would happily be continuing to operate viably. But since our business is down by 100%, we need your strength and support to keep us alive.

What are we offering for your support?

Lots of interesting products!!! 

You can purchase from any number of vouchers with the intention of redeeming them when we re-open in the near future or you can get a voucher as a gift for someone else (e.g. for your grandchild's birthday party), OR just purchase them to provide the NHS staff, your local postman and delivery man, care worker, and truck drivers or give your financial support because you would just LIKE to support our small business on our high street. 


  • Please provide the full name and address of the beneficiary of the gifts you wish to give, as this will be the way for us to verify proof of identity when the time comes to redeeming the gift. This may be your details or someone else who you wish to make the gift to.
  • Please double check the e-mail address you enter as that is the only way we can get hold of you (the gift-giver).
  • If you are donating to benefit a specific NHS staff or Care Home carer, Post man and Delivery Driver or Truck Driver, then please state their name and your name (the gift-giver), however if it is a general gift to our key-workers then your details are NOT required as we shall reach out to these key workers separately to redeem the said offers at The Bubble Cafe (social media, local NHS works and post office etc).

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