Support Survivors of Migrant Rights Organisation

by Coalition Against Borders in London, England, United Kingdom

Support Survivors of Migrant Rights Organisation
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To support survivors who exposed abuse inside a migrants rights organisation and are now find themselves in more hardship.

by Coalition Against Borders in London, England, United Kingdom

Mid-October 2017, survivors from a UK migrant rights organisation broke away from the group. They revealed widespread abuse, lack of accountability and a lack of transparency that has in turn put the lives of members and the migrants they claim to be helping at enormous risk for violence both from members of the organisation and from the state.

In November, migrant-rights activists organised a meeting to discuss possible ways of participating in a demonstration at a detention centre later that month organised by the migrant rights organisation in light of the revelations of abuse. It was clearly indicated that it was not the aim of this meeting to establish "the truth" about the recent allegations nor to formally start planning an "accountability process" of any form. However, members of the migrant justice organisation came to the meeting with the explicit intention of disrupting it and acted in a confrontational way towards everyone who was at the meeting. Adding to this, the migrant justice organisation publicly revealed the name of one of the survivors in a post, thereby subjecting this particular survivor to online abuse, threats and intimidation. 

In light of this, we strongly feel that we must use our resources to provide solidarity and care to the survivors of this migrant rights organisation. Since the survivors have come forward, many have been left in enormous precarity, both in terms of housing and financial insecurity. We know of at least two survivors at the present time who are homeless, both having little to no money to help support themselves. They are also, both fighting to expose the truth concerning abuse within the migrant rights organisation whose actions also endanger the precarious migrants that they organise with and on behalf of. 

We feel as migrant-led, migrant-rights, anti-racist, and labour rights campaigners and activists that to show radical self-care and love, we must come together as a community to support the survivors to speak their truth, to listen, and learn, but more importantly, to provide them with the critical solidarity that is very much needed at the present time. Critical solidarity means providing them with practical and financial help at this crucial moment. We are raising £1,000 to help provide urgent funds so that two ex-members and survivors of abuse and violence can get out of homelessness and into a place of their own. We will open these funds to any other ex-member who has been left in precarity since they left the group. 

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