Support Suki10c Through The Covid-19 Crisis

by Suki10c in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Support Suki10c Through The Covid-19 Crisis


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by Suki10c in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

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kristofer coleman 17th September 2021

Much love to helter skelter and in particular the DJs I grew up with-the one and only DJ Producer,Scorpio and of course hard times,you keep me going!! From a hairy Scotsman 👍

Francis Matthews 6th August 2020

Suki10c is an amazing venue, always giving a go to genre of of music but possibly single handedly keeping Birmingham's legendary hard house scene active

jo.morphine 6th August 2020

This might sound trivial to some people, but the thought of getting myself all dressed up with a ton of neon stuff & best makeup and going out to dance like an idiot to some amazing music in Birms’ best club, is the thing that’s keeping me going, my light at the end of a really dark tunnel. I’d do so much more for you if I could.

Alex Nolan 7th June 2020

I’ll forever have some mad memories at Suki10c and it would be such a shame if people couldn’t make more there! One of my fave little Brum venues ❤️ Let’s keep Suki alive and kicking!

Max Jalil 25th May 2020

Cheers for the good times, apologies for the bad. Good luck with it all and see you on the other side.

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