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We have so much more to share. We were only just warming up!

by Stump London in London, England, United Kingdom

STUMP has had an humble start investing side money into a big dream of pulling the best possible and most cared for event in the challenging capital city of London. From production to venue, to artists and visual arts, from staffing to health & safety, we only cared for providing the very best conditions and experience. An amazing year was lined up with a series of 24hrs events throughout our 4th year celebration, which was already gathering an incredible support all around. Everything was finally falling into place.

“So there you have it, an insight into the creative processes that make Stump such a unique party. Far from being oversaturated, the events don’t crop up that often, helping keep things renowned, exciting and clearly distinguished. With an organic following, a clear music focus and a non-commercial outlook at the heart of the brand, it’s not hard to see why Stump has become a roaring and respected success.” ( Whenwedip 2018 - In the spotlight: Stump )

In only half a year, Covid-19 has hit the event industry hard, leaving way too many shattered. The new measures in place coming with a second wave of cases mean it becomes even more difficult to resume the dance.


Sadly our hard work and hopes have been seriously COMPROMISED, the light has been switched off. Every extra bit of cash we had (or didn’t have) was always going towards expanding, perfecting the production and experience as a whole, for the sole purpose to keep creating these beautiful memories within the community. These choices made it challenging to pay back early investments but we were certain that growth would turn this around. Unfortunately with no other option but waiting for Covid-19 to go away and our government’s green light, payments and interests on investments are adding up and there’s simply no other source of income. It is now becoming increasingly difficult to foresee how we will be able to finance the next events and keep on growing as we were aiming for. 

Therefore Stump is REACHING OUT to you, our beloved crowd who believe in us and want to take part in helping the journey to continue. This will help turning ourself around and start with a clean slate whenever it will be time to dance again. This will also allow for some breathing space towards the record label creation, which has been in the back of our mind for some time, as well as cracking on with another creative path, a cool clothing brand. 

Your donations will go towards the following:

  • keep us afloat with ongoing business expenses such as accountant, web development and various fees, loans on investments and added interests for previous events production and studio equipment purchase.
  • record label creation and marketing. We will make sure to provide the best quality vinyls and digital as well as rewarding the artists for their involvement (music, artwork, mastering). Much time has been spent in the studio during lock down. Expect some material from our residents as well as from our favourite artists. Heads up, here's a call to all producers, feel free to send us demos at [email protected]
  • merchandise creation. Design, manufacture, and marketing of a clothing brand. T-shirts, hoodies and bum bags for men and women to start with. 
  • costs towards the next event. Venue hire, production, and general expenses to be spent upfront. 
  • dreams are much bigger. It might be wise to let the crisis pass first... but a mini festival would be the next goal. Food for thoughts.

A special series of gigs… Next event is scheduled for 13-14 February 2021, but it is still for now impossible to plan or concretise in the actual climate and many strict regulations. We are patiently waiting for the situation to cool down. In order to resume the dance at this level of care, we will need everything to be as clear and safe as it possibly can. Be assured that with your help we will start where we left off with events in London and expending abroad.

Rewards: We will give away discounted or free entry at your next Stump, whenever that might be. We will send a code or voucher by email. T-shirts and vinyls will take some time to create and finalise, so bear with us please. We will get in touch with every single one of you and either send by post or given personally at the next event. There is also the option to incorporate your names creatively into the visual show. And on top of these, we will design a very special artwork for our 1st vinyl release with all of your names, unless asked otherwise or donated anonymously. It is important to note that rewards will only be given in 2021, whenever we'll finally be able to all celebrate life without social distancing.

THANK YOU for taking the time to read this. All we want is to be back where we belong, together, enjoying meaningful music and art, and helping everyone involved (Djs, visual artists, graphic designers, photographers, managers, engineers, door staff, prop and set design, security, catering, drivers, and more) to keep working and growing a sustainable career. Your help here will make all the difference in making this possible in such a challenging time. 



"When entering a STUMP party, you get a feeling of belonging to a family, as everybody’s joyfulness vibrates across the venue in sync with the music."                       ( Trommel 2017 - A conversation with Stump )



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