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by South East Green Party in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

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In the European elections it's essential we keep our Green MEP seat in the South East. Please give today to keep us in Europe.

by South East Green Party in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

In just a matter of days, the UK will elect new MEPs to the European Parliament and it's vital that the Green Party in the South East of England keeps its long-standing MEP seat. A lot is at stake and that's why we're asking for your urgent support. The Green Party has no corporate donors or secret offshore funds: we rely entirely on your commitment and generosity for success in this election.

Yes to Europe

The Green Party is committed to remaining in the European Union - and to winning popular agreement for remaining through a People's Vote. In the South East we've had Green MEPs for 20 years, since Caroline Lucas became the first Green MEP in 1999. The Green Party is now the strongest UK Remain party in the European Parliament and the number one voice against the forces of Brexit and the right wing parties promoting it for their own ends.

The need for Green voices is particularly urgent in the South East. This is the constituency where Nigel Farage is standing. We need to show him clearly that his brand of politics, his aims for England, are not welcome here.

A vote for the Greens is the best way to stop Farage and stop Brexit. It’s also a vote that says you don’t need to settle for second best.

And it's so much more ...

No to climate change

This election is not just about Remain vs Brexit, despite the messages from the media and single-issue parties. The climate crisis presents mankind with its greatest-ever challenge. And that crisis - felt for years in other parts of the world - is coming to our shores. Parts of the South East England coast are threatened with rising sea-level erosion that will fundamentally alter our coastline and destroy centuries-old communities over the next ten years.

Only the Green Party has a longstanding, properly thought-through plan for tackling the climate crisis. And the more Greens there are in Europe, the better the response. The climate crisis is a global issue that needs an international response. Greens will work together across the world's biggest economy - the EU - to face the difficult decisions and imaginative answers that the world needs. No other party is taking this seriously.

A message to the establishment

A Green vote is a powerful vote against the establishment that created the mess we're now in. From Brexit to our collapsing health service and struggling schools, and the coastal and rural communities that have been forgotten for decades by Westminster, the establishment seems to abandoned the people of the UK, including the South East of England. It has also allowed - sometimes invited - the rising tide of hate and racism that threatens the very nature of our society. 

If people vote for the parties and individual politicians who created the chaos, why should they expect anything but more chaos? A vote for the Greens tells the main parties that their time is up - we need to reconnect to the lives of real people, shaping an open and confident Britain which we can be proud of again.

The whole package

A Green vote is more than a vote for a single issue party, where behind the face of Remain there is no clue what policies and decisions they may pursue for the next five years. Across Europe, the Green movement is growing. For decades, our MEPs have been a significant force for good, fighting for reform and fair consumer rights, and going hard against corruption. 

A Green vote is a vote for the whole package.

Ten exceptional candidates

Our lead candidate, Alexandra Phillips, heads a team of ten exceptional candidates in the South East, standing for the full ten seats available. You can see our incredible candidates here. Alexandra has been a councillor in Brighton & Hove for ten years and is now deputy mayor. She has extensive experience of working in the European Parliament for both Caroline Lucas and Keith Taylor MEP. She is ready to hit the ground running as a force for good in Europe alongside other Green MEPs.

Alexandra says:

"Of course we’ll strain every sinew to stop this Brexit disaster. But we’ll do so much more. We’ll be in the European Parliament for the next five years, creating policies and a politics that can transform this country - and the rest of the EU. We’ll fight for freedom of movement, because supporting migration, and migrants, is at the heart of our politics. And we will put forward the most ambitious climate plans possible, including working with colleagues from across the continent for an EU-wide Green New Deal."

Follow the money

We’re different at the Green Party because big business and unions don't fund or control us. We don't have teh deep pockets of other parties. We need your help to make sure our Green MEPs can continue their incredible work - fighting climate change, species extinction and injustice at every corner. Whether you’re able to give us £10 or £500 - every single donation counts. Your contributions will help us keep our South East seat in Europe. And maybe elect more Green MEPs than ever before.

But it's expensive. Just printing and distributing a single leaflet across the South East can cost every penny we have, and more. We can't communicate our policies or travel to communities across the huge South East region without your support.

So please help us. Help ensure that Alexandra Phillips continues the long-standing South East Green seat in the European Parliament, hopefully joined by more Green MEPs than ever before.

Together, let’s fix politics and show the establishment that ours is a voice that will be heard. Help us to say yes to Europe and no to climate change!

By the way...

Because we're a political party: We're required to run permissibility checks on donations over £500. These will be completed as pledges are made. For the same reason, we cannot accept anonymous donations over £500. If you make multiple donations to us, they may be aggregated for our reporting purposes.Your details will appear in our election returns if valued over £500, and if you donate over £7500 your identity will appear on the Electoral Commission website. 


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