Support self-employed in London! Matching donation

by Alina L. in London, England, United Kingdom

Support self-employed in London! Matching donation


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Help a self-employed person in London - matching donation!

by Alina L. in London, England, United Kingdom

Help a self-employed person in London by donating a one year Fiskl license for them to be able to invoice and take touchless payments and Fiskl will support with a matching donation

You can also nominate your favourite handy person, plumber, freelance designer, window washer, hairdresser etc so we can gift it directly to them by sending us their name and email address at [email protected]

How will this help:

1. At a time when finding work is challenging, a sole trader, freelancer or local handy person can invoice from their smartphone and take mobile, touchless card payments. A free Fiskl license will also help them better manage their finances during a very challenging year.

2. Fiskl will match your donation with another free license to one of the nominations or other self-employed persons in London.

A Solo Fiskl license is £70/year (with 20% discount). You can nominate up to 2 people per each license donation (one for your donation and one for the matching Fiskl donation).

About Fiskl

Fiskl ( is a mobile financial management software for self-employed and micro-businesses, based in London. We are ourselves a small business (14 people) and your donation will help reach as many self-employed as possible, and especially the ones who could not benefit from government support.

We will post a running list of the people who have benefitted from donations on the Fiskl blog:

Corporate donations are welcome!

If your company works with freelancers, contractors or self-employed, please donate or get in touch at [email protected]

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