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by Team Scribble in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Andy Edwards and Amy Gilmartin are bringing Scribble, a piece of new writing about mental health, to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

by Team Scribble in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

What is the project?

Bran flakes, anxiety and gravity 

- blink and you’ll miss it - 

this scribble from your chest 

Scribble is a play about mental health and supernovas, about the smallest moments in individual histories and the largest events in the universe. With Scribble, written by Andy Edwards and directed by Amy Gilmartin, we want to have an honest, open and critical conversation about how our mental health is shared; how we affect, support and challenge each other’s well-being. We’re also theatre-makers, so we’re putting on a piece of theatre too. 

Scribble has gone through forty-nine drafts. The eighth draft started under the mentorship of Rob Drummond and Playwrights’ Studio Scotland. Scribble became Scribble around draft twenty. It started out as a work about anxiety and became an anxious piece of work, written during periods of ill-health. Since then it has unknotted itself – and, through the presence of Amy – been given room to breathe. Scribble is very different to where it started – it has come a long way – and we hope we’re starting to find the right words for talking about what we’re thinking and how we’re feeling. 

During it's early development, Scribble was given a Small Grant Award by the Tom McGrath Trust and was presented as a rehearsed reading at the Traverse Theatre’s Hothouse showcase event.  The play has been awarded the 2017 ART Award by the Assembly Roxy Theatre, which means we'll be debuting the play at this years' Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Thanks to the Assembly Roxy Theatre Award, a lot of our expenses registering the show and securing a venue have been provided in kind, but to do things the way we'd like we need a little bit of support, that’s what this fundraiser is all about.  

Why are we fundraising? 

We are fundraising with two aims in mind: 

1) To help pay our cast at the rate of living wage (£8.45 p/hr) for the duration of rehearsals and the Fringe. 

2) To cover costs for promoting the work both before and during the Fringe 

In a culture of cuts to the arts and raised costs in living expenses, it’s increasingly difficult to exist as an unfunded theatre company. Being able to properly pay those involved in presenting Scribble to audiences is crucial. Acting is hard work and too often – particularly for performers at the Edinburgh Fringe – goes unpaid, which can cause significant mental strain. We are commited to paying our performers the living wage.

Scribble is about conversations, both between two people and at a wider level, about having a daily conversation between Scribble and its audiences. We are all connected to those around us and no one’s mental health happens in a vacuum. In putting on Scribble at the Fringe, for a run of twenty-three shows, we hope to have as a wide a conversation as we can, to talk to an audience of people with different backgrounds and experiences. To do that, to promote the work to a varied audience, to get people through the door, we need a bit of funding. 

The funds raised would be used as follows: 

Performers wages: 68%

93 hours rehearsal and preparation

23 hour-long performances

Marketing and promotional costs: 32%




Who are we? 

Scribble is a collaboration between Andy Edwards and Amy Gilmartin. Together, we are interested in having conversations about mental health, talking about how we’re getting on, getting by, from day to day. Andy writes the words and Amy directs them, although this can happen the other way around.  

Andy Edwards is playwright, dramaturg and researcher making work about language, mental health and dramaturgy for theatres, galleries and digital spaces. His first play KILLING TIMEwas performed at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe with Bedlam Theatre, receiving four star reviews from Edinburgh Evening News, A Younger Theatre and FEST. 

Amy Gilmartin is a freelance theatre director, who focuses on directing and developing new writing, and Co-Artistic Director of emerging company Urban Fox Theatre. She has directed three productions at the Edinburgh Fringe with Urban Fox Theatre; GLOBOPHOBIA (shortlisted for the Scottish Arts Club Award), SAFEWORD and HEARTLANDS (which received six four star reviews). Amy also assisted Orla O’Loughlin on MILK at the Traverse Theatre in the 2016 Festival. 

Since winning the ART Award the Scribble team has gained a few new members… 

Rachel D’Arcy is a freelance theatre producer who specialises in new writing and contemporary text. She is a current member of the Tron 100 and has worked in various roles at the National Theatre of Scotland, Citizens Theatre, The Corner Shop PR and as Trainee Producer for Paines Plough. Prior to this, Rachel graduated from the MLitt in Theatre Studies at the University of Glasgow and worked with emerging writers and directors in Scotland. 

Blair Coron is a Glasgow-based musician and composer whose style blends contemporary classical music and ambience with flourishes of electronics, folk and poetry - with the aid of a string ensemble. His debut EP 'DO / RE' was released earlier this year. 

Alan MacKenzie will be playing the role of Ross. Most recently Alan performed Sea Wall with Heroes Theatre in pubs around Glasgow and also at the Incoming Festival at the New Diarama in London. Other theatre credits include: Movie Time (Mull Theatre) and Friends Electric (Visible Fictions). Alan also appeared in the title role in Hamlet with Wilderness of Tigers for Bard In The Botanics.

Each performance will feature a different actor in the supporting role. The Scribble team is only getting bigger, the conversation taking on more voices with every day of the Fringe. 

Other ways you can support us

If you can't support us financially, we'd still love your help to spread the word about the show and share our fundraising campaign. Connect with us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to get a peek into the project as we prepare for Edinburgh.

Massive thanks from all of us at Team Scribble.


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