Helping people in the community who need it.

by Esra Swan in Swindon, England, United Kingdom

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To many people suffer in silence and alone. This has to change. Mental health disabilities, depression and loneliness is real. Make a change

by Esra Swan in Swindon, England, United Kingdom

My life has been a roller coaster. I was adopted at a very young age. This broke down when I was thirteen and a half. I ended up in children's homes and foster care. My life turned into a drug and alcohol fuelled frenzy. I often got arrested and lost family and friends. About eight years ago things changed. I started seeing the local mental health team and received care locally. There was one guy in particular called Dave. Dave was a support worker and he got me to see me as a person. I obtained a few diagnosis. PTSD, Agoraphobia, Autism and Fibromyalgia. I now had answers. I saw a councillor for a while who helped me see what I already new, that i needed change. I now am nearly five years drug free and was getting my life back on track until two and a half years ago. I started having seizures and memory loss. I had to give up my job, car and life got bad. It turned out that I had been given to many of the same drug and I was overdosing. It took six months to get off the drugs and longer for them to leave my system. It turns out that My seizures were medication induced. During this time I realised my weaknesses and how easy slipping into depression was. I started reading and became informed in mental health issues including depression and loneliness. One stat in particular stuck out. Suicide is the biggest killer amongst young people in the UK and Europe. We need to learn more about the hidden disabilities and start realising that it is our stigma against these people that stops them from getting help. Lets put a stop to this.

I am asking for your help to raise funds so I can do this. I want to start my own business up that helps these people who slip through the gaps, that need are help but do not get it. I would like to get my GNVQ level 3 in social care so that i can help these people. I also need to get insurances along with website and marketing. Anything else will go towards a car so that i can take people into the community easier. 

To many people spend their entire life on benefits because the system does not work for them. Job groups are not for everybody. I find big groups scary. Lack of family and the inability to get out in the community stops a lot of people socialise. 

I want to create a business that puts the care of people before the profits. I might even do the business in a way that puts all profits back into the community by creating little events that supports the most vulnerable in society. 

Together we can make a massive difference. Lets start today.

Thank you for reading this far. Make a donation, share and help make a change.

Thank you kindly.


Let's make 'Helping people in the community who need it.' happen