Support Ozcan against Turkey's extradition demand

by Ozcan Keles in London, England, United Kingdom

Support Ozcan against Turkey's extradition demand
We did it
On 16th July 2019 we successfully raised £17,600 with 365 supporters in 28 days

Turkey wants to punish me into silence with an extradition request. As a British citizen, I need to raise £20,000 to fight this in court.

by Ozcan Keles in London, England, United Kingdom

My first update: humbled and strengthened in your solidarity

Dear Supporters,

This is my first update for this crowdfunding campaign.

In less than 24 hours, you have raised more than half of the initial target of this campaign, that is £15,000. I am truly humbled and touched by your generosity and motivation on the one hand and moved by your zest for justice and fairness on the other. Yes, this case is not about me, but about you and all of us; it is about our right to freedom of speech, life, association and belief; it is about our responsibility to stand up to bullies that wish to crush us into subservience and silence and say, no.. we will not be told to suffer our persecution in silence by our persecutor. If you do not wish to be criticised for your violations of human rights, the rule of law, democracy, the separation of powers, and freedom of speech, then do not violate these principles.

In this support, I hear your yearning and anguish for justice, freedom, dignity, respect, love, fairness, and the right to be heard. For what it’s worth, I hear you, as do the many that are following this case.

Humbled and strengthened in your solidarity,


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