Support Ozcan against Turkey's extradition demand

by Ozcan Keles in London, England, United Kingdom

Support Ozcan against Turkey's extradition demand
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On 16th July 2019 we successfully raised £17,600 with 365 supporters in 28 days

Turkey wants to punish me into silence with an extradition request. As a British citizen, I need to raise £20,000 to fight this in court.

by Ozcan Keles in London, England, United Kingdom

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Adem Simitci 14th July 2019

Hi Özcan, respect for your noble initiative. I hope you get the last bit done. And I wish you a lot of strenght. For you, your family and friends. Good luck!

Erhan ermis 12th July 2019

Ozcan is a lawyer, a fantastic dad, a devoted volunteer, a good friend, a role model for next generation. He is an important person for UK. A recent dictator from Turkey needs some victims. I think and I hope UK justice will not and should not allowed to this gallows humour.

Tanner 8th July 2019

I believe that you are walking on the right path and wish you a success on this tiring and stressful journey! May Allah be with you!

Hak Gok 8th July 2019

This is what I can do at the moment. However,I am willing to support more if extra cost occurs. Good Luck.

Rik Child 1st July 2019

The current Turkish government is operating well outside of its constitutional norms. I hope this small donation helps.

David 30th June 2019

Corrupt justice system, dictatorship, lack of democracy and lack of freedom of speech, torture, and ISIS supporter Erdogan regime in Turkey has to come to an end immediately.

tonygreenstein 26th June 2019

We are in solidarity with you against this outrageous decision once again to coddle dictatorships such as Erdogan and ignore basic human rights. Solidarity from the Trustees of The Brighton Trust

Selcuk Bassoy 24th June 2019

Ozcan Bey, Hope you get through this swiftly and Turkey establish true justice in the county and free 1000s of innocent people in prison ASAP.

Yvonne White 24th June 2019

A small contribution, Id give more if I could. Im a regular visitor to Turkey and despair over what RTE is doing to the country and people I call friends. Good luck Ozcan, our own government should be ashamed of itself but glad Theresa Villiers is supporting you as my mp.

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