Support GMS World Advanced Vehicle Expedition 2015

Support GMS Team GB's bid to complete WAVE 2015 with an electric car built in the UK and designed to help replant the rainforest in Brazil.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Project Aim

We've built a new kind of electric car, designed and built here in the UK. We want to deploy this all terrain car (or ATV) to help replant the rainforest in Brazil. Our partners on the ground in Brazil are ready to do the work. Now we need your support to road test and to complete the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition 2015, before we go to full production.

Our ultimate goal is to deploy a fleet of these vehicles to help save the Atlantic rainforest in Brazil, where it will be used as a utility car (ATV) and support vehicle for conservation work, including replanting parts of the forest. We already have partners in Brazil lined up. We just need your help with the next phase on the project.

About WAVE

The World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) is the largest electric vehicle rally in the world, and next year it will be celebrating the 5th tour from 13th to 21th June 2015. Currently there are over 100 teams registered for WAVE 2015. The WAVE wants to show that electric vehicles powered by renewable energies are available and a great solution for our future, and they are lots of fun! The Guinness Book of Records has confirmed that WAVE 2014 beat its previous total and the world record for the largest number of electric vehicles at an event now stands at 507.

The prototype ATV (all terrain vehicle) that we've built is not ready for road testing at WAVE this summer. We need to complete WAVE to test the car, raise awareness and secure backing for our project to deploy the ATV in the rainforest to help with conservation projects. Once we've completed WAVE we will be moving to a full production version of the car working with our partners The Growing Air Foundation and Makers Do Brasil.

Project Phases:

  • Phase 1: Build Protoype - DONE
  • Phase 2: Complete WAVE 2015 to test the production version ATV - we need your support!
  • Phase 3: Move to production, deploy the ATV in Brazil with Local Partners - in 2016

Green MotorSport successfully completed the first four WAVE expeditions around Europe and we are now building our latest most advanced electric vehicle design for WAVE 5. This will start near Dresden, visit Berlin and then Berne. The full route is now being planned with interested cities. WAVE 2015 will pass through four countries and is aiming for one of the highest alpine roads in Italy.

About Green MotorSport

GMS was set up to focus on Green Technology in automotive & marine technologies, particularly electric drive systems and associated components. GMS has spent over 10 years designing, developing and refining electric motors for the light vehicle market that are efficient, powerful and cost effective. Green MotorSport Limited now manufactures and sells its own brand in house designed liquid cooled electric motor together with all other components required for an electric drive train solution.

About Growing Air Foundation

Growing Air Foundation (GAF) is a non-profit organization raising funds to replant forests that have been destroyed or degraded. Its activities are aimed at restoring normal climatic patterns as well as soaking up CO2 while at the same time providing fresh clean air. Furthermore, GAF strives to raise awareness to CPR- Conservation, preservation and respect of forests amongst present and future generations.  

About Makers

Makers do Brasil develops and supports a number of activities in Brazil including motorsport, beach volleyball,  boxing, musical shows to comics for child's education in areas of environmental education and citizenship.  Makers do Brasil philosophy is search for new technology to help the environment and recently Makers do Brasil, has partnered with Green Motorsport and Growing Air Foundation and are engaged and investing in the future of protecting the rainforest with green technology.

*PRIZE DRAW: for backers who pledge £50 and £75 there will be a prize draw with 3 prizes - one GMS jacket, one invite to the summer BBQ and 1 ATV driving experience. Good luck and thanks for backing our project!