Support our venues to come back with a bang

by Craft & Jam Venues in Ironbridge, England, United Kingdom

Support our venues to come back with a bang


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To raise money to support all of our teams remaining in jobs and funds to adhere to new measures required for pubs/ hotels

by Craft & Jam Venues in Ironbridge, England, United Kingdom

1591696465_20681030-13e7-4072-952f-62b3a164a6d6.jpeg1591696438_9ed41567-d13e-4af3-8c95-dade4877c3fa.jpeg1591696401_fdfaba8c-d82f-4e85-92c8-871049de42f1.jpeg1591696379_3fe0cff5-9f1c-49af-8b98-99948dc90df7.jpeg1591696351_7e27a4e2-730b-4c02-8fef-c86d49fafc9c.jpegFollowing the hit of the severe floods and now Covid-19 we have gone from a thriving brand to joining the millions of other small businesses in needing to adapt and accommodate what may lie ahead. Whilst we will pull through we want to make sure we come fighting through with a bang to ensure all of our teams have a bright future ahead and we are ready for whatever may be thrown at us! 

We don’t wish to receive money for nothing we just want to offer out our guest experiences in advance so as we can use the money to add new required measures to our venues and to ensure there’s a safety net to support us with whatever else may come our way.

So whether you want to ‘buy a pint’ in advance or a night away in Ironbridge on the Riverside we would love to help each other out and we will certainly make sure your experience will be a memorable one when those doors open!  

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