Support our business and high street

by John Walker in Gateshead, England, United Kingdom

Support our business and high street


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We have a lease agreed on a property just before the pandemic hit for a brand new microbar in Gateshead, we want to make sure we can open

by John Walker in Gateshead, England, United Kingdom

Before the pandemic hit we had sourced enough funds to do all work to enable us to open, however due to the pandemic we know our opening date will be pushed back by at least three months. Staff have already started training, and our outgoing costs until the point of opening are not able to change. If we raise £10,000 that will be enough to get us through to the expected new opening date, without impacting staffing, our ability to open, and would provide a brand new space on a ever increasingly empty town centre. Our space also includes a small room that we plan to allow community events and charities to use for free.

Staff have already been contracted, and there livelihoods are dependant on our opening, as is our own, we have invested a lot of money to get to this stage, and being so close to opening, to potentially have it taken away is gut wrenching. We have strived for this for years, for the pandemic to take away all the hard work, our staffs jobs, and deprive our charitable partners use of the space reserved for them would be a disaster, especially given the little final push we need to secure its future.

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