by The chimney baker Ltd in London, England, United Kingdom

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COVID-19 has created a very uncertain landscape for  millions of British small businesses.Please help us to come back STRONGER then EVER!!!

by The chimney baker Ltd in London, England, United Kingdom

Dear Friends, Customers and Future Customers,


Many of you already know me, but some of you might know less about me.  I will briefly introduce about my work and why I turn to you now.

The Chimney Baker is a Hungarian-owned company founded almost 3 years ago that came to life as a result of many years of dreaming and careful planning. We make a really loveable product, a traditional pastry specialty, the Hungarian chimney cake. This sweet delicacy made of yeast dough has been perfected for centuries, and those who like churros, pretzels or doughnuts will love this one too.

It is made with such popular flavours as cinnamon, vanilla, coconut, walnut, raspberry, and Nutella, and the list goes on. Our pastries are freshly made on the spot, using fresh ingredients. You can choose from an abundance of variations and from different sizes, all this made with love and the best service imaginable, while it still remains affordable. Bringing a smile to the faces of children and adults alike, seeing that we have made their day has been an enormous motivational force for us in our work, thus we have carried out several product development projects in the past few months, such as our Vegan Chimney Cake, Mr Cheese Savoury Chimney Cake, and Taste of Summer with fresh strawberries.

In order to cater for the increased demand, we have initiated a series of investments, such as a Van which would carry us to farther locations, the development of a new flavour on our menu called Chimney Cake Ice Cream… and then COVID-19 happened.

As you know and have experienced, the series of effects caused by COVID-19 has forced many of us into situations that a couple of months ago we never imagined would happen to us.

We have come a long way with a wonderful purpose in our mind, and everything we have done was for you; you have always been the focus of our attention, day and night. We started out the year of 2020 with loads of plans and energy. You can imagine our shock when all the events, festivals and markets we booked and planned for up until summer were suddenly cancelled.

We are well aware that panicking and being unprepared is the worst that can be done in times such as this, so we continue with unflagging enthusiasm and a complete action plan, looking forward to reopening with a great degree of professionalism. For all this to happen, our greatest hurdle is the present situation. With the lack of income, not only our new investments are halted, but our very survival is in danger as well.

Surprisingly, the crisis has given us a brilliant idea, which can be a win-win for all of us.

This letter is to call for raising a fund to save The Chimney Baker, but not in the usual way. We give back to those who donate.

Therefore we introduce a prepaid voucher.

The denominations are the following:                                                                   

£15 = 4 chimney cakes,
£25 = 7 chimney cakes,
£50 = 14 chimney cakes

  • valid until 31.12.2021
  • This offer cannot use with another offer                                                                   
  • Please contact us before,if you would like to purchase more than one voucher.                     
  • Please do not purchase voucher as an anonymous supporter.  We need your name and confirmation email to verify yourself later when you will collect your cakes. Thank you for your support and understanding.                                                                                
  • Please contact us via email or any social media platform  couple of days before you would like to redeem your cakes.

According to our plans, we will be open from August at the following locations:

-Alexandra Palace Farmer’s Market (Hope we will return soon..Currently not hot food allowed to trade yet...:( )

-Walthamstow Sunday Social Market (NEW)

-Wimbledon Piazza Market

-Windsor Independent Market 

- Romford Market

-More new markets are coming up from autumn, depending on whether COVID-19 intervenes.

-Hopefully some autumn events in Fulham and Hammersmith, which are not confirmed yet.

Please support this sweet business.... You will enjoy our guarantee, no matter what the upcoming period brings. :) 

Find out more about us on these links and FOLLOW US on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to stay up to date about our news and the events where you can find us to REDEEM your voucher.


If you have any question,please do not hesitate to contact us,we are happy to answer.

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more


If you just simply would like to support our Big Dream with this amount we much much appreciate it! We cannot tell enough,how grateful we are FOR YOU!!::)))

£15 or more

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£15 Donation

Pledge £15 today and we'll reward you with 4 delicious chimney cake later. You can choose from Vanilla, Cinnamon,Coconut and Walnut flavours,except chimney dog! You save £5 Your coupon valid until: 31.12.2021

£25 or more


Pledge £25 today and we'll reward you with 7 delicious chimney cake later. You can have any flavours,include savoury chimney cake as well,but except chimney dog! You save £10-13 Valid until 31.12.2021

£50 or more


Pledge £50 today and we'll reward you with 14 delicious chimney cake. Choose any flavours,include savoury chimney ,but no chimney dog! You can add an extra topping for each cakes as well..Nutella,custard,jam,whipped cream EXTRA BONUS: When you redeem your 14 cakes ,after you will get a 10% discount card and you can buy as many chimney cake as you wish until your card expired. SAVE £30 or more Your voucher and disc card valid until:31.12.2021

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