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by Talentosa (capoeira) in Cowley, England, United Kingdom

Support Oficina da Capoeira Cheltenham


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We are raising money to support our group Oficina da Capoeira Cheltenham which has been impacted by Covid-19 and now needs to regrow.

by Talentosa (capoeira) in Cowley, England, United Kingdom

We are raising money to support our group Oficina da Capoeira Cheltenham which, like many, has been impacted by Covid-19 and needs money to continue and grow in new directions to suit the current climate.

Oficina da Capoeira teaches the Brazilian art form Capoeira. We encourage health and wellbeing and a sense of community through Brazilian arts for adults and children. We are devoted to maintaining cultural Brazilian traditions and the preservation of Brazilian art. Our main teachers are from Brazil and provide first hand knowledge and experience of the art form. 

Like many, Covid-19 has had a huge impact on our group and its members. While we have been able to set up online classes, for some without the appropriate living situations these have not been possible to attend. 

While we are now able to train in person again, restrictions on pupil numbers mean we still need support. We have overheads such as hall hire and instructor fees, and to make these cost effective with classes within the new guidelines we need to grow and develop our group. With training now available online we can expand our class reach to beyond those in the physical room and as a result welcome more new students to the art form. 

Our plans to develop however require funds which we currently do not have. To keep our classes viable while we develop and achieve this, we are asking for your support now to sustain our group. Capoeira is not just a sport. It is a community that helps each other. Alongside providing a means of health and fitness, the support and atmosphere from the group is a huge benefit for personal wellbeing. Music has proven benefits for mental health; capoeira provides the opportunity to play instruments and sing. During the Covid-19 crisis our support networks have been so important and Oficina da Capoeira has been that to many of its students. Please help us sustain it to continue this support for its community.

Oficina da Capoeira Cheltenham is the main centre for its UK group, with classes also being set up by its students in Stroud, Worcester and Chichester. We also offer online classes for students outside of these areas (including overseas).

What is Capoeira?
 Originally created by African slaves in Brazil, capoeira is a celebration of life in the face of everyday struggle. The circular and evasive movements of capoeira, combined with a rich tradition of music and dance, place it in a unique position as an art that always poses the question: "Is capoeira a game, a fight or a dance?"

It is traditional to hold an annual Batizado, a key event for both understanding the culture of capoeira further and for enriching students’ development. The event includes capoeira and other traditional Brazilian arts workshops to local and visiting students, led by guest instructors from around the world. This event is also our annual grading ceremony, where students may receive their next belt level (corda).

Capoeira helps bring people together and is a community that transcends city, county, even country lines.  It enriches lives and is a great support for people’s wellbeing. Alongside learning a new skill and keeping fit, those who train it learn the culture surrounding capoeira, including Brazilian Portuguese, music, samba and even get to enjoy Brazilian cuisine.


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