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Let's keep pushing for better aftercare, and for a greater understanding of what Locked-in Syndrome/Stroke actually means for the survivor.

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On The Ball Films presents Locked In Forever? Directed by Georgia Ball . Supported and partially-funded by O2 UK and Telefonica.

"I don't think that the majority of the medical profession really think that you can get better because they haven't really seen what is possible. They are wrong." - Richard F, Holmfirth

"[So] she was just sitting in the hospital having a stroke, and nobody really noticed or did anything about it"- Henning van der H, Mikkeli

"I really thought the end was coming. I honestly thought there would be a big white light. And I never saw the big white light" - Kate A, Sheffield

This vital feature documentary raises awareness of Locked-in Syndrome, a brutal and heartbreaking neurological condition that ANYONE who suffers a Stroke or Brain Injury can develop. Join us as we follow the extraordinary stories of those affected by Locked-in Syndrome, as we finally uncover the truth for those living with the condition.

We are so close to finishing this project, but have hit a rut with funding. We can't wait to bring this film to you and so we don' t want to sit on this project for too long, so we asking for your help. We are at a healthy 90 minute stage of Editing, but we need your help to get us down to 80 minutes - our target running time.

We are asking for donations to help us hire a top-notch editor who understands the project and the sensitive nature of the subject matter, and who can help us shave 10 minutes off our running time to help us hit our target.

The sooner we can do this, the sooner we can complete the film and get it into your local cinema. If you can donate any money at all to help us reach completion of this film, we would be forever grateful. If you can't donate, please do like our social media links and share our updates - every little really does help!

If you or anyone you know has suffered with a Stroke, a brain injury or has even had Locked-in Syndrome themselves, please do pass this on to them.  

Let's keep pushing for better aftercare, and for a greater understanding of what Locked-in Syndrome actually means for the survivor and their families.

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