Support Limehouse Lizzy following theft

by Mrs Lisa Pass in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Support Limehouse Lizzy following theft
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Limehouse Lizzy - get the lads fully back on the stage!

by Mrs Lisa Pass in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

For those who know or you that don’t,  the band have had everything stolen, their livelihoods took from under their feet. Whilst they will fight to come back, we all know insurances etc take time and never fully pay out. In the meantime they have no equipment and are paying out for missed gigs each day, which they are contracted to play. They want to be back on the stage performing your favourite songs, at their best. I say let’s help them get there. The band are not asking and they are trying to keep the show on the road, however it won’t be the same so I am asking for support on their behalf. The sooner we can raise money, the sooner they can be back. Wayne is a close friend and I hate to see an amazing band suffer because of crime. Any donations will be greatly appreciated, thanking you all for your support.

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