Support LGBT+ school group with resources

by James Bennett in London, Greater London, England

Support LGBT+ school group with resources

The project aims to help set up a LGBT+ group at school and provide students with inspirational young persons' LGBT+ fiction and resources.

by James Bennett in London, Greater London, England

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The school celebrates LGBT+ identities in a variety of ways. To build on this, I am setting up an LGBT+ group which will aim to support LGBT+ students in the school and promote tolerance and acceptance. 

I would initially like to raise funds for our LGBT+ students to receive inspirational LGBT+ fiction and other resources to start our PRIDE group. After being shared amongst the students, these would then be added to the library for all to enjoy. 

If enough funds are raised we would love to get speakers and charities like Stonewall and  Diversity Rolemodels in to work with students across the school. 

In a school serving a disadvantaged community, with 80% of students on free school meals, your contribution could help improve the school experience for our pupils.

Let's make 'Support LGBT+ school group with resources' happen

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