Support Kirsten's International Climbing Season

I need your help so I can travel to Europe to compete at International Climbing competitions and train at the World Youth Training Camp.

We did it!

On 28th Jun 2015 we successfully raised £2,180 of £2,150 target with 43 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

When I started this, I really didn't think I would get anywhere near the total, but here we are with 1 day to go and amazingly I have achieved my target! I can't get over how generous everyone has been and feel humbled that people have been willing to support me.

I feel a little awkward asking people for more money, as I now have the money I need to pay for my European climbing season for this year but there are always more expenses and I know that there are still a few people who want to pledge so I have been advised to stretch my funding target.

Any additional funds raised will go towards travel and entry to competitions being held in the UK towards the end of this year, in particular the British Lead Climbing Championships and British Lead Climbing Cup.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has donated money, pledged rewards, shared, tweeted, emailed and generally got the word out, because without your support this wouldn't have been possible!

You are all amazing!


Project aim

I need your help so I can travel to Europe to compete at International Climbing competitions and train at the World Youth Training Camp.

About the project

About Me...

My name is Kirsten Pyper and I am 13 years old.  I first went climbing when I was 9 years old when my mum arranged a climbing party for my 9th birthday at the Newcastle Climbing Centre and from that point I became ‘hooked’ on climbing! I started attending kids climbing sessions at my local climbing wall and entered my first competition in 2013 when I was 11yrs old.  I wanted to take my climbing more seriously so started having 1-1 coaching sessions both at my local climbing centre, Climb Newcastle with Suzan Dudink and regularly travel further around the UK to climbing centres in Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

In 2014 I was selected for the GB Junior Lead Climbing Team, and during this 2015 season I will be competing in two European Open Events in Austria and training in Austria and France.


Why am I fundraising?

GB Team 2015


Training and competing in the UK is expensive enough but this year I will be competing and training in Europe and I want to fund these myself.  On top of the cost for me to train and compete here in the UK, the additional cost for my European competitions in Austria, the GB Training Camp in Austria & Italy and the World Youth Training Camp in St Antonin, France will be £2,150.  This last camp is being run in Europe for the first time and is a pre-World Championship Training camp.  I am honoured to have been invited to attend as most of the best youth climbers and coaches in the world will be at this training camp, and it will be a great preparation for next year when I will be old enough to enter the World Championships.  I am a totally self-funded athlete and need your support if I am to be able to train and compete in Europe.


What support do I get?

I could not do this without the support of my family.

My mum drives me everywhere and funds all of my coaching and travel to UK competitions.  She belays me when I am not training with my coach, is there to share in my successes and supports me when things are not going quite so well.

I also owe a lot to my sister Caitlin who has to travel around the UK with me when I am competing and attending my coaching sessions.

Climb Newcastle and Sunderland Wall, my local climbing centres where I regularly train give me free entry so I can train as much as I need to, and I am grateful to them for that. 


Some of my achievements


Scottish Boulder Champion, 2015


* Selected for GB Junior Lead Climbing Team for 2015

* Scottish Bouldering Championships 2015 – 1st place

* British Youth Climbing Series Championships 2015 – 3rd place

* British Junior Lead Climbing Cup, Round 1, 2015 – 3rd place

* Irish National Lead Championships 2014 – 3rd place

* Scottish National Speed Championships 2014 – 3rd place


What would this mean to me?

Climbing is everything to me and I always give my very best in every training session and in every competition I enter.  I am delighted to be part of the of the GB Junior Lead Climbing Team and to be competing and training in Europe for the first time.  I was thrilled when I heard I had been invited to attend the World Youth Training Camp, to be able to train with the best youth climbers and coaches in the world.  This is just an amazing opportunity for me as my goal is to compete in the World Championships next year in China.



Suzan Dudink – International Coach

“Every now and again you meet someone who impresses you. Kirsten is one of those people. During our first coaching session (about 6 months ago) she told me her aims: to make the podium and become part of the British team (at this point she was ranked 15th) - there are not many people who can achieve their goals within 6 months!

Kirsten has endless motivation, extreme determination, is eager to learn, loves climbing and will try anything to improve. I can't recall any coaching session where Kirsten didn't put in a 110 %. I hardly ever have to push her limits because she pushes them herself...

Better watch this girl, because she has great potential.”


The Rewards

I have tried to come up with some rewards that will appeal to non-climbers as well as to climbers to show my appreciation for pledges.  I have included rewards that are available globally, or UK-only or US-only as I have conacts around the world.  I know from initial feedback that some people may just want to make a donation help me reach my target without being sent a reward, and so I have made this an option too.


I would really appreciate any donation you can give me to help me with my International Climbing Season.


Thank you for all of your support!!

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