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Can you help me stand up to the Government in Parliament and raise important issues that the mainstream try to ignore?

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On 12th Jan 2018 we successfully raised £4,550 with 93 supporters in 56 days

Unlike MPs, who receive state funding, members of the House of Lords don’t receive any financial support to employ staff or fund office costs.

As the only Green in the House of Lords, covering as many issues as I can, I need staff to help me with research and press work. I have a small, part time team who are paid for with my own funds and donations from people like you.

But the truth is, it looks like we will run out of money in December. Now is exactly the time that I need my staff the most.

In the new year, I will be proposing a Clean Air Act to Parliament. I'm working alongside lawyers, campaigners and Caroline Lucas MP to end the scandal of toxic air in Britain. Our air pollution has become so bad that we now breach the EU’s annual legal limits of air pollution within days. My Bill will bring the issue before Parliament, and I need staff to help make that happen.  

My other priority in Parliament remains civil liberties, particularly for activists and protesters.

You probably know it was revealed a few years ago that the Metropolitan Police had designated me a “domestic extremist” and gathered intelligence about my political and protest activities. This hasn’t deterred me.

I regularly ask oral questions to ministers about civil rights and hold the police to account. I am trying to create a statutory definition for “domestic extremism” which will protect peaceful protesters and focus police resources on actual criminals and terrorists.

Parliament is going to be swamped over the coming months and years with Brexit legislation. I am working tirelessly to ensure that Brexit doesn’t just protect, but improves, all of the environmental and social legislation currently incorporated in EU law.

Caroline's staff are extremely helpful, but just don't have time to assess all the slightly different legislation that comes to the Lords. Staff working with me behind the scenes help comb through vast amounts of complex Bills and give me the detailed information I need to contribute to debates and propose amendments.

Your financial assistance will help me keep speaking truth to power in Parliament at this critical time. Simply select a pledge of whatever you feel comfortable with.

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