Support Jason's Journey through cancer  treatment

by Debbie Watkins in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Support Jason's Journey through cancer  treatment
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Funds for Jason to make special memories with loved ones why dealing daily with his cancer / treatment one cancer suffer helping another

by Debbie Watkins in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom



Let me see ‘ I’ll try my best to explain the process of how I became unwell and discovered that I had terminal cancer. so I was carrying on about my every day life and I Was plodding along working for a company, installing insulation inside the roof cavities and I started to feel very uncomfortable and unwell. I went to see the doctor many times and they kept saying that I just had digestive problems or possibly anxiety etc I even started to feel like a hypochondriac as they seemed to think I was ok, however one morning I woke up in so much pain that I thought to myself something isn’t right with me so I called 111 and the ambulance took me to A&E and luckily the scan that I had booked in with the specialists got brought forward by 6 months and they discovered that I had aggressive terminal pancreatic cancer and it was fully developed and that it had spread to my lungs and liver and I would be lucky to survive 6 months, Well this was December 2019 and I’m writing this now in June 2021 so every day is borrowed time and a blessing. I’m trying my best daily to live life on life’s terms and I’ve found keeping myself busy with volunteering work helps me feel positive and also helps me not wollow in self etc it also helps me after my chemo and is a positive distraction. I’m currently on the council housing list to try and secure permanent supported accommodation, as it’s difficult trying to maintain and manage life with private renting. Hopefully soon I will secure a council tenancy and this will take a lot of worry away for my last remaining time on this earth. I’m currently fighting and don’t want to give up! I’m looking at ways to try and support my chemo by eating healthy and I also take THC oils and CBD oils, I’ve had some positive results for example After my last scan the results have shown that  the main tumor has now shrunk back a little and the nodules in my lungs are dissolving, so miracles can happen and with a positive mindset and diet And keeping active I’m making some progress however I’m not been taking off terminal status. It’s looking like I will be on chemo permanently until it stops working. But I won’t stop fighting or let that deter me to live. Now that lockdown easing off a bit I can start getting out there and living in a more social aspect and see my friends and family again I am so grateful. So any help anyone can give will be really appreciated and will help me in my journey and fight. Thank you once again for your help and support  love and light Jason xx  

The fear is real i also life with it daily and want to support Jason make special memories . Feeling lonely and isolated from our loved ones just wanting to make them feel ok but absolutely scared for your life is the worse feeling 

suffering daily with the after effects of treatment is a battle alone but i can at least ride my bike/walk 

from the bottle of our hearts we thanks you for reading and supporting Jason x 

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