Support in Commercial Drone Licence

Support in Commercial Drone Licence

Crowdfunder to raise money for a CAA commercial drone pilot's licence in order to become a commercially competent operator.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Thank you for taking the time to read my crowd fund page,

I am trying to raise funds to obtain my CAA commercial drone pilot's licence. Over the last 12 months, I have been flying my DJI Mavic Pro (Alpine Edition) focusing on automotive and scenic photography, as well as  videography for social media and marketing purposes. A lot of the footage I have produced so far have had great reviews hence the start of wanting the required legal licences. I am fully insured via FPVUK currently as Recreational Flying only which expires 27/11/2017.

Flight around Tynemouth:

I run a MINI club for the North East of England and what with the amazing scenery we have it had me wanting to carry out filming of car runs in and around the North, or perhaps even further a field. With this investment, I am looking to expand the capabilities of my knowledge to include aerial photography and videography, in order to to be fully competent in flying at the required level of expertise.

Actual Drone. DJI Mavic Pro (Limited Alpine Edition) fruit and bowl not included.


To operate commercially in the United Kingdom I must pass the CAA approved ground school and flight training course this is to receive a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO). I will then require the "pass information" to be sent to the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) as an application at extra cost. The PfCO costs £1428 inc vat and the CAA application costs £207.60 inc vat. Costs are correct as of 29/01/2018. Price requested includes 5% crowdfunding fee.

Unedited "The Shadow in the snow" footage, shows how raw the initial footage is to be then turned into something amazing with correctly chosen music ensuring music rights are not broken,

The course I would like to locally attend is on the following link, and is provided by and is shown as a CAA Approved permission holder.

What's in it for you if you choose to support me? 

If you choose to donate £200 or more to my cause, and you are based in the UK, I will, once licenced, travel to a location of your choosing to film an aerial video of you, either for your business, or for personal enjoyment.

If you donate £50 or more, I will discount any paid drone videography/photography including credits before or after.

If you donate £10 or more I will include your name in credits to any of my videography/photography as a thank you.

Thank you in advance for any help or support you are happy to provide....

Simon Watton

For previous Drone Footage:

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