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Support our Wellbeing Project - Green Safe Spaces

by Savana Inc Ltd in Stoke On Trent, England, United Kingdom


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To create a calm,green, safe space for those accessing support for trauma. So they can connect with nature and improve wellbeing.

by Savana Inc Ltd in Stoke On Trent, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Extra money will be used to buy additional sensory items to complete the green space such as bird tables and trickling water ornaments so people can experience the green space with all their sense as well as being able to be used for grounding techniques to help ease anxiety.

We will also get outdoor sensory and educational equipment for young people to help promote emotional education and growth.

Help us to create a green safe space for survivors of sexual violence and child abuse and help to boost wellbeing through connecting with nature.


Our relationship with nature is a critical factor in supporting good mental health and preventing distress. Nature is an important need for many and vital in keeping us emotionally, psychologically and physically healthy.

Spending time with nature has been found to help with mental health problems including anxiety, depression and PTSD. By creating a dedicated green safe space at our counselling offices, Savana can expand our trauma support offer by helping our clients reconnect with nature whilst on their recovery journey, and boost staff wellbeing within the workplace.


Throughout the pandemic, nearly half (45%) of people in the UK said that visiting green spaces, helped them to cope.

Research shows that people who are more connected with nature are usually happier in life and more likely to report feeling their lives are worthwhile. Nature can generate a multitude of positive emotions, such as calmness, joy, creativity and can facilitate concentration.

A dedicated safe green space will enable our clients to have a safe quiet area they can go to when the four walls of the counselling room become overwhelming. 

Planting and installing sensory garden plants and items will also enable our service users, local community and staff to explore grounding techniques through features that stimulate senses through touch, sight, scent, taste and hearing. 


3 in 5 people have had mental health issues due to work, and over 60% of staff think their employer should be doing more to address mental ill health issues.

As our staff, volunteers and counsellors deal with difficult topics and emotions throughout the work day a dedicated outdoor space will give them a much needed space outside of the office and counselling rooms they can utilise to take a break and have some reflective quiet time Whilst promoting positive mental health and protecting staff wellbeing in the workplace.


Research suggests that therapeutic gardening can to help people in trauma to overcome the negative impacts of their experiences.

Sensory gardens contain stimuli that reduce the high cortisol/adrenaline levels that engage in fight-flight-freeze behavior.  Being able to connect with nature can be a catalyst for significant emotional and social growth. 

A green safe space will help our service users to explore these feelings and emotions in a nonthreatening, calm, open space.


About Savana:

As the leading experts around sexual violence and abuse in North Staffordshire. Savana provide help and support for anyone, from the age of 4 and upwards who have experienced any form of sexual violence whether recently or in the past. This includes rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, 'honour' related violence and childhood sexual abuse.

Alongside providing help and support, Savana are dedicated to delivering education around sexual violence including the psychological, physical and practical impacts faced by survivors.


Money donated to this project will help to support people who have experienced trauma to connect with nature, tackle the barriers many people face when trying to connect with nature, and have a positive impact on our environment, providing natural spaces for wildlife and insects to live.

Any money raised over our target will be used to buy additional outdoor sensory and educational equipment for young people to help promote emotional education and growth.


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