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Sarava is a Brazilian artist stuck in Peru for the last 6 months unable to work - help get him to Equador with materials for his work

by Hannah Postlethwaite in Harrogate, England, United Kingdom

Sarava is a Brazilian artist and musician currently stuck in Peru where he has been since March unable to work and unable to leave due the Peruvian border remaining completely closed until being temporarily opened 3 days ago. 

Tourism is none existent, shops and markets remain closed, restaurants are closed, the streets are heavily guarded with police and artists and craftsmen are totally prohibited from selling there work. This has been the case since March and looks very likely to continue to be the situation in Peru for the rest on the year. Sadly this story isn’t unique, millions of people across the globe right now are unable to work and unable to support themselves and their families, some are lucky enough to get help but for many this is not the case.

Sarava is solely reliant on his daily income for accommodation, for food and water and for any other day to day needs. With no way to work and no income he has no way to meet these needs, leaving him in a pretty frightening.

The best hope right now in the current situation is for Sarava to travel from Peru to Equador, he ideally needs to start to make the journey in the next two weeks as its very likely the border will close again shortly.  Ecuador is a chance for Sarava to begin to rebuild his life and reclaim what has been lost over the six months. 

This is where you guys comes in.....we need tor raise £800 in just under a week! This will cover his travel costs and materials so that he can start to produce his work again, something he has been unable to do since April. Sarava creates beautiful and unique jewellery working in copper and bronze with crystals such as tigers eye, rose quartz, topaz and turquoise . The love that goes into each and every piece is apparent from the first moment you see his work. This is actually how i met Sarava last year in a the small town of Paracas, at first i saw him and then i saw his work and i fell in love with both! 

We are asking you to please help in anyway you can, to give anything you able as we have just under a week to raise enough money for Sarava to get the materials he needs to produce his work and to get him to Equador. £350 will be used towards materials, this will be enough material for Sarava to produce work for 6 months and the rest will be used on food, accommodation and travel costs. 

Please give what you can to Sarava and we are so grateful to you all for your love and support during these crazy times. Blessings. 

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