Support for Refugees in Calais

Support for Refugees in Calais

Join me in pledging money to my sister to directly help refugees or in her words, “our brothers and sisters in Calais”.

We did it!

On 25th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £1,018 with 27 supporters in 28 days

My Sister. My Hero.

Well, let’s face it, my feelings for my sister are set to “default” Hero. She cannot be anything else in my eyes. However, she is getting into some particularly selfless activities right now. Her work has led her to the refugee camp in Calais, where she is volunteering on the ground with the refugees there and with partner organisations in the UK. She is going full time in Calais. The interactions she is having on her daily visits to the “jungle”, the place where they are forced to set up camp, is giving her in-depth knowledge on the situation.

A lot of goodwill has resulted in some charities and organisations raising quite a bit of money in a short space of time for the situation in Calais. However 100s of new refugees are arriving weekly to the camp after a long traumatic journey. Laura and other volunteers on the ground are fire-fighting to keep up with the new arrivals and also the general needs of the 6,000 people in the camp. The situation there is dire and is only getting worse with winter approaching.

Any donations raised will go straight to the refugees. This may go towards:

  • A tent for shelter for a new arrival to the camp
  • Photocopying of human trafficking warning leaflets to be distributed in the camp
  • A pair of shoes for someone who has walked across most of Europe in flip-flops
  • A night of respite in a hostel for a refugee whose family member has died the night before attempting to cross the border into the UK

At the moment my sister is volunteering and using her own funds to pay for things like this and I want to help her and am asking you to as well.

I hope that you will join me in pledging money to my sister to directly help the refugees, or in her words “our brothers and sisters in Calais.”

I will leave you with a quote from Bill Nye the Science Guy:

Researchers have proven, scientifically, that humans are all one people. The colour of my ancestor’s skin and ultimately my skin and your skin is a consequence of ultra-violet light, of latitude and climate. Despite our recent sad conflicts here in the U.S. there really is no such thing, scientifically, as race. We are one species. Each of us is more alike than we are different. We all came from Africa. We’re all made of the same star dust. We’re all going to live and die on the same planet - a pale blue dot in the vastness of space. We have to work together.


Jackson x

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