Support for our younger brother Remy Adamah.

by Sampson Kofi Adamah in Haverhill, England, United Kingdom

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To support Remy's physical health recovery after suffering a stroke and brain hemorrhage.

by Sampson Kofi Adamah in Haverhill, England, United Kingdom

In April 2018 last year, the family recieved a devastating news that our younger brother Remy has had a sudden brain hemorrhage and stoke.
Remy was in hospital for two months where he recieved intensive medical care.
We are delighted that Remy survived, however, this sudden bout of illness has cost Remy his livelihood and independence.
As a result of sickness and misfortune circumstances, Remy was left with no option than to return back to Ghana. Even though Remy has some family members in Ghana, he has no livelihood and no ability to pay for his medical treatments.
Remy needs physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and medications. Remy slurs when he speaks and has little stability when he walks.
The stroke affected his right side of the body and his speech and mental capacity.
It is heartbreaking to see Remy in this condition and not being able to meet his medical needs as a family.
Remy is a shell of the person he once was and no longer is the joyous person he used to be, and for this reason I urge your support to help Remy recieve the care and treatment he needs to make a full recovery.

I sincerely thank you for offering your time and kindness again.

Sampson Adamah

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