Christmas Family Support

Christmas Family Support

Prison Help is a support service that works with families of people in Prison. Often the innocent victims, our support network is crucial.

We did it!

On 21st Dec 2015 we successfully raised £100 with 6 supporters in 27 days

We are currently growing our network of volunteers throughout the UK, with the aim of having 100 new community based volunteer support works available to provide critcal emotional and practical support to the families of those who are serving prison sentences.  Families are all too often forgotten when considering the implications of a custodial sentence, when in fact, they are more likely to be the ones that suffer the most.

Prison Help is a full service advice and support service offering services to people caught up in the Justice system. Our range of services extends far beyond the individual being sent to prison and offers a realm of support to the families and loved ones of those who have been convicted, we know and acutely understand the pressures that can be placed on innocent family members and, importantly, children during these times, and we work hard to minimise the impace a custodial sentence has on the wider family.

Christmas is a difficult time for these families, whithout their loved ones, and in many cases thair main earner in the home, having to spend Christmas apart, alone and with many difficulties to deal with, through no fault of their own.

We are raising £5,000 in this campaign to support our recruitment of the additional volunteers and cover the costs of providing these services to those who need it, over the festive period.  £50 per new volunteer enables us to fund the recruitment process, provide basic functions such as phone credit throughout the network over the period and, provides a very limited allowance to deal with the most desperate and in need of our services.

A fuller description of what we do, can be found on our website at:

A link to our volunteer application page can be found here:!volunteer-for-us/wf7jo 

Please give generoursly, your help is greatly appreciated and you will be able to follow the progress we make over the festive period on our website blog, which we will be continually updating.

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