All crime victims deserve faster justice

by SFR Medical in London, England, United Kingdom


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Help us provide medical evidence reports, free of charge, to UK police so suspects can be prosecuted and court cases don't get delayed.

by SFR Medical in London, England, United Kingdom

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In May 2019, Melania and her date Christine were on their way home after a night out when four boys made lecherous and misogynistic comments before turning violent. Both women suffered extensive facial injuries. Police were called to the scene and took the young men into custody. However, without medical evidence reports which proved that injuries were sustained, the police could not charge or hold the suspects. It looked like the teens might walk away free.

The police contacted us with the required consent forms and requested reports. Our team reached out to the hospital to get the medical notes and in under four hours, sent completed reports to the police. 

Because of our ability to respond quickly with high-quality, accurate medical evidence reports, along with other contributing factors, the suspects were arrested and appeared at the Highbury Corner Youth court two months later. 

Melania and Christine's story is one of hundreds where we have helped victims of a violent crime.


Who we are

SFR Medical was founded to reform the complex and inefficient processes that exist in the criminal justice system. 

Read our founding story.

Our first offering is to improve the medical evidence report process by supplying reports at an affordable price, in an acceptable time frame, and with the accuracy that is required.


What we do

Evidence failures often hamper the criminal justice process – it is arduous, complicated and time-consuming for police forces to get the required medical evidence reports from NHS institutions. 

It currently takes an average of 67 days to complete a medical evidence report, leading to delays in trials, increases in victim anxiety, and unwarranted pressure on the criminal justice system. Suspects who should be charged often escape prosecution altogether.

To address these problems, we built a scalable and centralised solution that plays an integral role in the medical evidence supply chain. We’ve introduced operational and software procedures that allow officers to submit a request to us and focus on other responsibilities until the report is returned.

Our 'request to report' service reduces the wait time for medical evidence from 67 to under five days and introduces an efficiency savings of 80 - 84%. 



Who we partner with

In the UK, there are 49 forces who are potential clients, as the police are responsible for obtaining and paying for medical evidence.

We are currently engaged with 5% of forces and in discussions with another 33%. 

Securing contracts with 50% of UK-based forces by July 2021 would enable us to significantly impact the criminal justice process by reducing attacks by repeat offenders and speeding up justice. It would also provide a basis for future domestic and international growth.


Our crowd funder project

Forces are keen to work with us, and our current clients are very happy with the service we provide. However, public/private relationships are not without their challenges and we haven't been able to onboard as many forces as we'd like over the last six months. While the pandemic has contributed to this, so does the structure of the government decision-making process.

Unfortunately, this leads to a breakdown of the criminal justice system and victims are paying the price. 

Our project aims to provide a limited number of free medical evidence reports to select UK police forces so they can ‘try before they buy.’ These free trials will provide the exposure that we need to not only secure additional partnerships but help fix a broken system.

If we meet our target raise, 4 – 8 forces will be selected at random through a live social media lottery draw in October 2020. Each will receive up to 15 reports.


Final thoughts ... and thank you

  • Any amount, large or small, will help victims get the justice and support they deserve.
  • Every force in the UK automatically gets one entry into the lottery draw but each mention a force gets on our comments page gives them an additional chance!
  • If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.
  • It would be great if you could help spread the word! Please share, like, and follow our page here and promote it on your social channels.



This is a truly excellent service. Even with the current pandemic we find ourselves in, the staff have been quick and efficient and have given me all the information I need to carry on with my investigation. A truly exemplary service that has made it so much easier for me to do my job. - PC C.

This is a really quick and easy process to obtain vital medical evidence. - DC W.

[My force] always relies on the goodwill of the public and partner agencies, especially in the current times of challenge. We appreciate the evidential support & expertise you have provided and will share your support with the victim’s family, who I am in no doubt will be even more grateful in the long term. - DS J.

I have used the service several times on [several] different investigations and have generally been impressed with the service. The documentation and statements were received much quicker than the previous method, and the statements have been of a good standard for court - PC L.

Let's make 'All crime victims deserve faster justice' happen

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