Defend Fair Play for Women

by Hannah Tahir in London, England, United Kingdom

Defend Fair Play for Women
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Defend the work of Fair Play for Women.

by Hannah Tahir in London, England, United Kingdom

Hope Liebersohn 11th February 2018

Bindman's is an excellent firm to ensure the gains made by feminism, such as refuges, all-women shortlists, quotas on company boards, etc. and all women's sports, Girl Guides, and other gender-separate facilities are not all ruined by men "self-identifying" as women in bad faith, keeping their male sex organs and hormones. Please stop this misuse of concepts like "inclusivity" and, most importantly, the shutting down of discussion and opposition to self-identification through aggression, threats and name-calling. The threat to women and girls is real and must be countered.

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