Duncan Townson for Ayr, Carrick, and Cumnock

by Duncan Townson in Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom

Duncan Townson for Ayr, Carrick, and Cumnock
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Support Duncan's campaign to be the next MP for Ayr, Carrick, and Cumnock. Be part of promoting real change.

by Duncan Townson in Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom

Duncan Townson is the Scottish Labour candidate for Ayr, Carrick, and Cumnock for the General Election on 12th December 2019.

He is 35 years old and currently resides and work in Ayr. He attended Cairnhill Primary in New Cumnock before moving on to Cumnock Academy and finally Belmont Academy. Duncan recently completed a degree in Classics at the University of Glasgow. He works with a well known supermarket in Ayr as a DotCom Driver.

Duncan's goal is to reach out to as many voters as possible in his constituency - with 49.000 households in Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock this is an immense task. We have started working the urban areas, but we want to reach into the rural communities, too. 

That is why we are asking you today to contribute to his campaign. We have committed activists who are ready to canvass the constituency far and wide, but we need money to provide them with info-materials (banners, leaflets, posters) and to cover their expenses for getting to the far corners of Ayrshire. 

We want to use the precious time volunteered to Duncan’s campaign as best as possible and give our activists all support necessary and avoid causing them to be out of pocket. 

Recently, Duncan shared his story with the Ayr Advertiser. Here is what he had to say: 

"I am delighted to introduce myself as your Labour candidate for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock.

I am fresh to politics, and as a hard-working local lad, who delivers a for a local supermarket for a living, I meet new people every day. I know by talking to many local residents that they feel let down and isolated from “career politicians.” Like most of our community it was clear to me, that change is badly needed. This is why I am running. 

I felt driven to stand up for the voices of the many and give people a chance to vote for someone who will truly represent their views.

I want to help reverse the worst effects of austerity and focus on the things that really matter us all and help prevent the unnecessary closures of public buildings and reductions in public services.

I want to improve NHS waiting lists that are out of control. I also want to ease the pressure on doctors and nurses when it comes to specialist needs in our local area, such as mental health, by ensuring that the extra funds, promised by a Labour government, finds their way to the right place.

I want to protect our community landmarks and culture. Looking at the ruins of Belleisle House, I remember hearing the news, and sharing people’s fear that this was the end of this once beautiful Hotel. Along with Elms Court and the Station Hotel, I want to do what I can to help restore these Ayrshire icons to their former glory, creating new jobs in the process.

Travelling the roads as regularly as I do, it is clear that it is not the A77 that should be the focus of continued road maintenance, but the roads we that we live beside which are ignored. We should not have to drive through a pothole infested minefield in order to get to the roads that are always getting the attention in the local news. I would look to redirect attention towards the issues that matter to us all, with the roads just the beginning.

A vote for me will help to increase living wages, help reduce the number of children in poverty, and invest in public services through a massive investment in a green revolution programme that will improve our lives and help to save our planet.

My local commitments to you:

I will help to build more, warm and affordable homes across the area
I will bring new clean jobs to Ayrshire as part of the Green Revolution
I will look after pensioners and reinstate their free TV licenses
I will work to help our coastline and riversides reach their untapped potential
I will promote Robert Burns to an international audience and increase visitor numbers
 I will strive to ensure our local history is protected and maintained"


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