Support service Dog for our Autistic Son

by Geoff Paul in London, England, United Kingdom

Support service Dog for our Autistic Son
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Funding an autism support service dog for our son Jacob diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. He is non verbal and has no sense of danger.

by Geoff Paul in London, England, United Kingdom

Funding an autism support dog for our son Jacob diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. He is non verbal and has no sense of danger. A trained service dog will make a huge difference to his day to day life, helping him cope with his social and communication difficulties. It would also provide a companion for him and help keep him safe, preventing him from bolting and harming himself.

'Autism Life Dogs'are an amazing charity and will be providing the highly trained service dog for Jacob once the money has been raised and they match him with a suitable dog to him.

Autism Life Dogs are a certified members of the:

-    IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists)

-    SCAS (Society of Companion Animal Studies)

In August 2018 Jacob and his family attended an introductory therapy session where we assess a child’s suitability for an Autism Life Dog. 

Jacob has the following diagnosis: 

- Autism

- Associated learning difficulties

The introductory therapy session gives us a valuable insight into how a child responds to a dog and what benefits would be achieved for the child and their family. We felt that an Autism Life Dog would potentially be able to help Jacob in the following areas:  

•    Increased social interaction and participation in more varied activities.

•    Reduce Jacob’s anxieties and to be a source of comfort. 

•    Enable Jacob to access places in the community which may currently not be possible or very anxiety inducing.

•    The therapy programme would help Jacob with his speech development, sequencing, transitioning between activities, motor planning, fine motor skills. 

•    Give Jacob a positive focus and help his to stabilise his emotions. 

•    Become a friend and companion for Jacob which can help Jacob feel less lonely. 

•    Assist Jacob with roadside safety so that he isn’t as likely to bolt or come to harm. 

Jacob has an elder brother, James who is 10 and a fantastic young man who must sacrifice a great deal owing to his brother’s autism and learning difficulties. Autism can become very isolating for the entire family especially neurotypical siblings. James also has some communication and learning difficulties and the dog would offer him benefit too. 

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