Support Denise Donaldson for South Northants

by Dez Dell - Kettering Green Party in Quinton, England, United Kingdom

Support Denise Donaldson for South Northants
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If you want a Green voice in South Northants, please help Denise Donaldson to stand as a Green Party Parliamentary candidate

by Dez Dell - Kettering Green Party in Quinton, England, United Kingdom

NHS Nurse and local campaigner Denise Donaldson is once again challenging Andrea Leadsom, Boris's Business Secretary and recent Conservative leadership candidate. This time Denise can win because no other party has a candidate that can defeat the Conservatives in South Northamptonshire.

Denise has always, and will continue, to speak the truth and work to bring those truths to the public. On a planet facing a climate crisis the Green Party has always told the truth about the state of the environment, highlighting the risks to our health, the damage to the future of our children but above all has been the only political party that knows what steps are needed to slow down the rate of the damaging climate change. 

The key climate issues would not have been raised in Parliament without the voice of Caroline Lucas MP and right more Green Party voices are needed in Westminster. It's more than the environment though; it's about delivering a new type of expert politics provided by people with real life experience not by the last generation of professional politicians parroting blue or red sound bites and serving only their own tribal interests. Denise and the Green Party wholeheartedly represent the wider population’s diverse and wonderful views.

Like most places across the UK our communities are suffering from the awful impact of austerity that drive our residents to food banks, that have cut public services like libraries, bus routes and social centres,  left schools desperately short of funds and causing long-term damage to our children's education and their future opportunities in life.

Northamptonshire is also suffering from the financial mismanagement at our County Council that is leading to the break-up of our district councils and creating additional burden on hard-working council staff as they struggle to support residents with ever decreasing government funding.

Over the years the Northamptonshire Green Party has fought the harms of poor air quality and raised awareness of environmental issues. We've cleaned up parks and local areas and stood shoulder to shoulder with communities in need. Now the tide of traditional politics is turning. People are seeing beyond the deceit of self serving politicians and looking for truthful, decent Members of Parliament. Across the country Green’s are being elected to local councils and as MEPs. Now it’s time to shake up the Punch and Judy act that passes for Westminster government, it’s time op get more independent minded hard-working Green MPs into government. 

The Green Party doesn't take money from big corporations, it is entirely self-funded. That keeps the Green Party independent and gives every single member the opportunity to shape policies. But that spirit of independence comes at a cost and it's up to each local Party to do its bit to be self-sustaining; that's where you come in. Please help us to set aside enough to fight for the seats that so urgently need Green representation. 

Please give generously. Your kind support can make all the difference to our Party getting another Green elected. Please help and share this fundraiser so others can help too.

The country has never needed the Green Party more. We provide honest, focused and intelligent politics at a time of climate crisis. We're so grateful for your support.


PS - Because we are a political party, we are required to run permissibility checks on any donations over £50. For the same reason, we cannot accept anonymous donations over £50. If you make multiple donations to us, they may be aggregated for our reporting purposes.

PPS - If you want to make a donation offline, please email Dez on

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