Support Caroline Lucas to get a People’s Vote

by Green Party of England and Wales in London, Greater London, England


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Whatever happens next in the Brexit omnishambles, we need passionate and principled Green voices, reaching for a bigger future.

by Green Party of England and Wales in London, Greater London, England

Common sense should prevail. Focus on the needs of the younger generation as a means of communicating message effectively to the older generation who are more likely to vote remain.
I think you are doing a fantastic job, I am unemployed, so money is tight. I would give much more if I could.......Caroline, you have given us a voice of reason & you are the inspiration for the young people of this country.
Caroline is genuinely the only member for whom I have any long-standing support! Although I am not a member of her constituency, I always feel proud to know that there is at least one person in parliament who represents my views and does not let herself go unheard. I have every ounce of respect and admiration for this woman! Thank you! I am just sorry I could not give more.
Thank you for being the grown up in the room. Lovely to finally meet you during the 2017 GE campaign your passion and intelligence shines through.
Given the failure of parliament to provide a positive resolution to Brexit proceedings we have to be given a chance to vote on the option of the deal or remaining.
Thank you Caroline for everything you're doing. You're a real light during these dark political times and I really hope one day we might see either you or someone like you lead our country into happier times
Because the original referendum question was so bald and un-nuanced, and because the debate is so fractious and still riven with lies both of omission and of commission, we absolutely need another vote - not least for all the now-l8-year-olds who'll have to endure the outcome far longer than the Moggies and Johnsons of this world! Maybe a benchmark of success would also help, since Brexiteers have been screaming 'Landslide victory!' ever since 23 June 2016!
Now more than ever, it's crucial for us to support those dedicated, articulate and passionate representatives who tirelessly work to make our small island stand out as a place of true democratic hope and integrity. Caroline Lucas epitomises these virtues and really deserves all the support we can give her and her dedicated band of colleagues.


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