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Brazilica is Liverpool’s International Samba Festival – lighting up the city with the fabulous colours, sights and sounds of Brazil each summer.

The UK’s largest Samba Carnival event, Brazilica has become one of the events of the year in Liverpool. A colourful celebration of Brazilian music, dance, film, exhibitions and culture, attracting over 60,000 people to the city centre.

The highlights of the festival are the main stage performances, a host of fringe events and the colourful carnival parade through the city.

The festival is run by LCC (Liverpool Carnival Company)  from its community base at The Old Library Lodge Lane L8 where behind the scenes, there’s an army of volunteers making costumes and floats, running workshops and community arts and crafts groups.

But the costs of running such a large-scale event are rising while funding is ever more precarious.

LCC want to ensure that Brazilica remains free and artist-led for the whole city to enjoy and is urging people and businesses to donate money to keep this amazing festival and its other arts-based projects alive and to ensure its activities remain open to everyone, all year round regardless of age or income.

Maeve Morris, Artistic Director of Liverpool Carnival Company, said: “ we’ve brought some amazing International artists to Liverpool over the last 10 years and couldn’t begin to do it without the support of all the samba bands that take part. I love watching the faces of people, as the Brazilica carnival passes by – It’s an extraordinary carnival that touches the hearts of anyine who sees it. There is nothing like it in this city or any other city.”

Hundreds of participants of all nationalities and ages dressed in their colourful, costumes parade from the top to the bottom of Liverpool City Centre, dancing to the beats of dozens of samba bands.

Any donation, would be greatly appreciated. LCC needs to raise a minimum of £10,000 to ensure its activities remain as, inclusive, energetic, beautiful, vibrant and exciting as always.

Please, donate and keep this colourful carnival alive in the city!

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