Support & Assist SA

Support & Assist SA

Support & Assist White South Africans Facing Genocide & Silent Ethnic Cleansing ~ Please Donate

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“When your own countrymen kill so many countrymen – it is called a civil war or genocide. As long as the World and the SA government do not acknowledge that the farm killings and brutal attacks on White South Africans is serious, the world will just sit back like what they did in Zimbabwe, Burundi, Rwanda, Sudan and basically all the regions in Africa.”


White Genocide and Communist Rule in South Africa

During his recent State of the Union Address, South African president Jacob Zuma assured white Africans that he was not a “racist” and that they should not fear being chased out of Nelson Mandela’s “rainbow nation”.

But considering the fact that Genocide Watch has classified white South Africans as being in stage 6 of their 8 stage genocide scale, it would be advisable that white South Africans either band together to protect themselves or leave the “rainbow nation” altogether.

Not to mention Mr. Zuma’s performance of “Kill the Boer” in January 2012, in which Zuma sings about shooting Boers (white farmers) with machine guns, as crowds of black South Africans sing along while dancing tribal dances.

In my opinion, the questions that must be asked are:

  • Where is the media outrage?
  • Where is the anti-racist liberal condemnation?
  • Why does the media portray South Africa as a tolerant, peaceful, “rainbow nation”, despite the fact that it is a one-party Communist state that has devolved into the rape capital of the world, while practicing genocide against its minority citizens?

What we about and what we raising funds for:

With ties to South Africa and a huge concern for the growing attacks on White South Africans we have committed to this initiative to assist South African families financially to emigrate to countries of their preference.

All funds raised through this initiative will be made available to qualifying families that wish to migrate.

- Purchasing Passports

- Purchasing Visas

- Purchasing Airline Tickets

- Arrival Accommodation

- Assisting with the Visa Process ~ All Types of Visas

- Assisting with Skills Shortage ~ Work/Employment Visas {Assisting both migrant and employer}

- Establishing Businesses on Arrival {with partnership options for Extremely Generous Donors} This enables the family to be self-sufficient and not putting strain on their new government. Will also be able to offer local employment once established.

- Fast exit ~ asylum seekers, assist with process, applications and appeals if necessary.


As concerned individuals and businesses from around the world wanting to support and assist South Africans wanting to leave South Africa there are a number of ways you can help.

  • Make a Donation of Any Amount ~ Every Bit Helps ~ Even ₤2.00
  • Pledge a Monthly Donation from ₤5.00 a Month from which you can Unsubscribe at Any Time
  • Sponsor Airplane Tickets
  • Visa Sponsorship for Employers ~ We assist you with your : Sponsorship Application ~ Your System to Monitor Sponsored Employees
  • Sponsor a Family ~ This is to Sponsor a Qualifying Family to Migrate and Establish a Business in their Selected Country with Partnership Options
  • Assist with legal matters.
  • Offer employment to applicants upon successful entry.
  • Donate items to assist in fundraising that we can auction.
  • Sponsor/Contribute to our initiatives advertising/promotion.
  • Offer free/discounted services for our immigrants ~ from arrival accommodation, transport, meals, skills training to business services (for those wishing to establish businesses on arrival) business registration, website hosting and design, advertising, bookkeeping and payroll services… etc.


The more we raise, the more families can be assisted.



Any other way you would like to offer support, assistance and help.


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