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by Nadine Sharkey in London, England, United Kingdom

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We’d been open 10 weeks before lockdown. We didn’t think our biz would survive. But we’re still here! And with your help we’ll make it.

by Nadine Sharkey in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The first stage is to get through the next few months, and be able to re-open with a full schedule of classes and teachers, and a re-stocked store. 

After that, we‘ll return to our original business plan. We wanted to create a space full of breath and life and community. We’ll put our community classes back on the timetable, and provide free meditation sessions. 

We’ve got plans for monthly pop-up markets in the studio space. We’ll offer yoga workshops, as well as longer trainings for Yoga Teachers. Plus life coaching, massage, Ayurvedic therapies, skincare consultations and much more. 


On the 6 Jan 2020, we officially opened our yoga studio on Roman Road. Four weeks later, our store was up and running too.

Six weeks after that, we made the heartbreaking call to close our doors due to the pandemic, a week before the official lockdown came in.

We really weren’t sure that our new business would survive to be honest. But, after a bit of a cry, we moved to the virtual world and hoped for the best. And we couldn’t be more grateful to our teachers, and to each and every one of you, who have joined us there. 

Whether you’ve popped in for a Zoom class or bought something from our online store, you’ve played a part in keeping us going. And we love you for it.

We can’t pretend it has been easy, but we’ve just about kept afloat. We’ve paid our bills and our teachers - but not ourselves. It’s been a long long year. 

We’re nearly there now. And we know we‘ll make it back into the real world after all. We’re dreaming about workshops and pop-up markets, having new stock in the store and seeing our teachers and community again in real life. 


To do it, we’d like to ask for a little more help. By paying for a bundle of credits, a gift card or a membership now instead of later, you‘ll be pivotal in making sure we’re able to re-open with a full schedule of classes and a fully stocked store.

We were already going to offer discounted pre-opening packages. However, by offering  them through this crowdfunding project, we’ll be able to benefit from the brilliant match funding from the Mayor of London too. 

We can‘t wait to see you all again in real life.

Much love,

Nadine & Judy



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