Support Alex Salmond to win Gordon GE 2015

by georgepetrie in Inverurie

Support Alex Salmond to win Gordon GE 2015
We did it
On 28th March 2015 we successfully raised £12,650 with 307 supporters in 28 days

Support Alex Salmond in the Gordon Constituency on 7th May, #voteSNP GE2015.

by georgepetrie in Inverurie

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bill.cairns 11th March 2015

Good luck Alex,Gordon needs you ,the North East needs you,Scotland needs you ,but most of all Westminster really needs you,Regards Bill and Aileen Cairns Inverurie

Mark James Stephen 10th March 2015

Go Alex, Time these WestMonster mob got a real shake up, time to rid the uk of the Sponging House of Lords and oust all these Tory Paedo's Go get wired into them

terry.howson 10th March 2015

When I was 18 I was filled with a passion for politics, believing that my vote would count in the making of a better Britain. What followed was 40 years of deeply dismaying misery until we got a Scottish Parliament. That , together with the referendum re-ignited my passion with a vengeance, and today I would like to thank you personally Alex Salmond for being the flame . I am so glad to be alive in these amazing and changing times; democracy, fairness and honesty are back on the agenda in politics due to the SNP and the people of Scotland.

jim.ascroft 9th March 2015

Until very recently I had no time for polliticians . I am afraid I tarred all with the Blair Iraq killing. I will never again vote for Labour and I wish Alex the very best of luck. The SNP have my complete trust on the basis of what they are doing for Scotland. Thanks for your work in setting up this campaign Regards Jim Ascroft

mumsyhugs 9th March 2015

Alex you are the best politician this country has, and you do it for Scotland and her people and not for personal gain. Every best wish for a massive success and for all pro-independence candidates across Scotland. X

mclain.carter 9th March 2015

Change is happening, those that think the referendum ended the discussion are wrong. Going to be very interesting these coming months. All the best!

ian.campbell 9th March 2015

Good luck Alex, and thank you for all the hard work you have and are doing for our beloved country, best wishes Ian Campbell


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