Support after finding out I'm HIV+ at 25, & others

Raise HIV awareness, aim to avoid discrimination, make people understand the facts. Help those with HIV who are financially in need.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £140 with 6 supporters in 49 days

To Raise money for HIV awareness (Helping groups I am a part of such as Positively UK + ). Fund raising for Pride In London which helps elmimnate discimination. I decided to go on multiple campaigns and efforts personally, going around London speaking with people and distributing informative flyers regarding HIV, after receiving the news that I am HIV+ after only 1 encounter, especially coming from a country in which being positive doesnt allow you to reside. But since my expenses are mainly due to travel and accomodation, thanks to Dean Clinic's help, the money  (Given from your kindness) will go towards Pride In London, Positively UK +, Individuals who are in dire need, and HIV Awareness.

Having contracted HIV in my early twenties, after only 1 risky sexual encounter, I want to educate people first of all about the risk of HIV (It is not something to ignore, or think is very rare to contract, while also reminding people that being HIV+ is completely different that what a lot of people believe. It is completely managable, and you would be able to live a fullfilling perfect life! I would love to speak to each person one on one, and give my all (Financially and Educationally). 

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