Support a writer in return for a writing critique

by Elizabeth Dawber in London, England, United Kingdom

Support a writer in return for a writing critique


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Help a writer during this difficult time and in return for your donations, you'll receive a professional in-depth critique on your writing.

by Elizabeth Dawber in London, England, United Kingdom

As a writer, I'm struggling to make ends meet during this difficult time. I understand a lot of people are in a similar situation, so I am extremely appreciative of any donations or support you can offer, even if it's just sharing this project via your social media account(s).

I've recently taken the plunge of focusing on my writing full-time (dream job but bad timing). I had a couple of writing projects lined up including one at a publishing house, but unfortunately, they have all been indefinitely postponed due to the current pandemic. I don't know when I will be working again, and the small amount of money that I do have is disappearing fast.

I need around £800 per month to pay for my rent, bills and food in London (it's not cheap to live here), and I'm estimating that I may not be back in work for another 5 months therefore, my target is £4,000 (800 x 5), but any money at all would be amazing. 

In return, I am offering writing feedback/critiques on your own writing, whether it be a short story you are working on for a specific competition or a novel in progress that has hit a road block. Maybe you're not a writer yourself but you know someone who is that would benefit from some constructive feedback on their writing. This would be a lovely supportive gift for the budding writer you know.

I am a BSc English Literature and Creative Writing graduate, and have many years experience writing fiction and non-fiction. I want to help other writers too, and I strongly believe that feedback on your own writing is the best way to identify areas for improvement. By donating to my cause, you will receive a detailed critique on your fiction work which will include feedback on characterisation, plot, style, structure, POV, spelling and grammar, target market analysis, and more. If you are submitting a piece of non-fiction i.e. self-help, then the critique will include feedback on content, audience, format, spelling and grammar, and more.

Editorial and critiquing services online are extremely expensive, as the table shows below. As you can see, this company charge £100 for feedback on a short story, so the £10 you would be donating to me for the same service is an absolute steal. Similarly, this company charge £690, if you were to submit a 100,000 word novel whereas, I am only charging £250, less than half the price. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about my cause. If you are unable to donate, then please do pass this information on to someone you think would be interested in supporting a writer in return for a writing critique.

If you have any questions, or wish to submit your writing to me, my email address is

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