Striving for a United Ireland for All

by The Uniting Irelander in Ireland

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The Uniting Irelanders strive for Unity of Ireland’s people and island in peace & prosperity by promoting information & thought-leadership

by The Uniting Irelander in Ireland

The Uniting Irelanders strive for unity of Ireland’s people and island in peace and prosperity by promoting dialogue, information, imagination and thought-leadership.

Brexit has created the potential for Ireland’s hard-won peace to be threatened when the north will be dragged out of the EU against its democratic wishes. The support for a united Ireland has been growing steadily and unstoppably in recently.

People who identify as British are starting to believe a united Ireland would be best for their interests too. A vote, by the people of Ireland, for a united Ireland within the next few years is now inevitable and the potential to create an inclusive, pluralist and modern Ireland, within the EU, where unionist, nationalist and other are all cherished equally.

While the Uniting Irelanders are not associated with any political party, we are grass-roots movement of passionate Irish men and women eager to achieve the unity of Ireland peacefully and for prosperity.

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