Support a Changemaker into University

by Ben Parkinson in Kampala, Kampala, Uganda

Support a Changemaker into University
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On 23rd January 2019 we successfully raised £320 with 2 supporters in 14 days

Miyingo Manisuli is the founder of Active Youth Uganda. He is raising funds to support his second semester at Makerere University.

by Ben Parkinson in Kampala, Kampala, Uganda

This is Mansoor's inspiration for this fundraiser:

I am Miyingo Mansoor, a graduate of the Butterfly Project, which was started by Ben Parkinson in 2009 to empower young disadvantaged children in Uganda to lead change in their communities. I am the founder and director of Active Youth Uganda, a project that I started to challenge young people to identify problems in their societies and come up with solutions to those problems.

This month, we have managed to release our first issue of the Active Youth Magazine after a long time of looking for sponsors to fund the development work. This magazine is dubbed as the “youth empowerment magazine” because we use to share stories of young people who have identified problems and demonstrated leadership within their community, so that we inspire others to do the same.

Last year I was enrolled at Makerere University to pursue a course of my choice which was a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Communication. This was one of the best things that had ever happened in my life, being the first person ever to join university in our family.

I chose the Journalism and Communication course because I have loved being a journalist since childhood and I really enjoy making a difference to people’s lives and well-being. Being a journalist will help me reach directly to those that have no voice and serve as advocacy communicator for them by reporting on subjects that really affect them. I was able to raise money to start off the first semester which ended early December last year. Over the period of the first semester, I learned many subjects e.g. psychology as a subject, working with different types and groups of people, children’s language acquisition (how children learn to talk), and linguistics. All of these are subjects I have never studied before. The first semester featured a lot of theory as we were just being introduced to most of the subjects. The course is challenging, and it can be very difficult at times. At times I lost sight of what life means, as I focused on studying a lot of theory and doing exams but at the end of the semester when I engaged with people that were being evicted from their homes in one of the Kampala suburbs called Lusanja as part of my course work, it reminded me of why I wanted to be a journalist and it kept me going.

I am also doing BA in Drama and Film as a voluntary course to broaden my knowledge on how drama works and how I can basically use it as a catalyst for change. When I was younger I used drama to create awareness of drug abuse among youth, and doing this voluntary course has helped me learn how to write a good play and analyse one.

In 2017 I completed the Queen's Young Leaders Course at the University of Cambridge, as the previous year I was selected amongst thousands of young people to be given a Queen's Young Leader award.  It led to my becoming an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society.  I am very proud of this achievement, as I was one of the youngest ever Associate Fellows.  I look forward to contributing to the development of youth around the world.

I am now looking for £300 to cover my costs for this new semester that will be starting on 14th January. This will cover my tuition, internship and transport for the whole semester (six months). 

I'm prepared to use money I have saved for my videography business for my tuition - about £53 so far - and this side business will I hope help support me in future semesters at University, as well as being synergistic with my journalism course. The business is called Kipepeo Media and it does videography and photography.

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