Help for Danaé’s mental health issues

by David Rackliff in Yeovil, England, United Kingdom

Help for Danaé’s mental health issues
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Danaé is 16 and has been in a mental health unit 200 miles from her parents. We are trying to raise awareness and aid our financial burden.

by David Rackliff in Yeovil, England, United Kingdom

Danaé has been in mental health unit near Stafford since September 2017 suffering from personality disorder and Anorexia Nervosa. In the time she has been there she has made repeated attempts to take her life and has constantly self harmed. The hospital is nearly 200 miles from her home town of Yeovil in Somerset. The failings in the children’s mental health support from the government has resulted in practically no support from the Child and Adlescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) here in Yeovil, not just for Danaé but for many children in the county. The lack of proper in-patient beds in the South West area of the UK means children from the area are scattered across Britain in placements that bear no resemblance to their requirements, just that there is a bed available. Whilst this is an appeal we also want to use it to raise awareness of the issues faced by families all over the UK who are separated due to the inadequacies of the structure of the mental health services.

She is a normal little girl who is a huge fan of rock and metal music, loves horse riding and just wants to be well again to enjoy her life.

The distance Danaé is from us, her parents, has caused many issues with trying to be there to support her and help her recover from a debilitating illness that led to her weight dropping to 40kgs at one stage. My wife and I have spent months apart from each other at times and travel practically every weekend to see her often having to stay in hotels. As you can imagine this has major financial drawbacks and we are at the stage where the travel is becoming unaffordable. We envision trying to raise money to enable us to continue the level of support for at least another year. We currently spend approximately £300 per month on travelling, hotels, food etc. It pains me to have to resort to asking strangers for help but whilst we have no support from other places it has become a necessity and I express my gratitude to anybody that feels they can help in anyway possible.

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