Crucial birth support for displaced mamas

by Project MAMA in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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Help us support 20 women experiencing vulnerable times throughout pregnancy, childbirth & early motherhood.

by Project MAMA in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

In recent times,  there have been increasing numbers of displaced people crossing borders to find safety. These numbers exceed anything predicted. Among them are pregnant women who find themselves trying to settle in a new place, often facing language barriers, extreme social isolation and trying to navigate an entirely new system of healthcare. 

Project MAMA offers free, confidential and individual-focused holistic support to women throughout pregnancy, labour and childbirth, and those first few weeks of parenthood.

We support women refugees, asylum-seekers, survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking and other displaced women.  We are now supporting the 40th woman accepting our support and are seeing referral numbers rise rapidly.

We are a hive of Bristol-based volunteer midwives, doulas, activists, childbirth educators, and holistic therapists that form a peer network of skills, support and solidarity for women and their children. Our ethos is to encourage independence, support mothers to make informed choices and bolster resilience by providing a safe and nurturing space. We facilitate a thriving hub promoting peer support every Friday at our Drop-in, “Bumps & Babes without Borders”. Project MAMA also actively promotes an understanding of a woman’s rights and entitlements surrounding maternity healthcare in these challenging times.

As we approach our second year, health professionals and partner charities continue to rely on Project MAMA so women can get the support they need to give birth safely, make informed choices and have dependable and compassionate emotional and practical support throughout.  

We see at first hand how the trauma women can experience on their journey to the UK causes often profound mental health issues, additional anxiety weighing in alongside immigration pressures which can have a detrimental effect on their pregnancies and their offsprings.  Often, women have no family members or community around them during their pregnancy, labour and birth and the crucial weeks of early parenthood: an utterly terrifying prospect for any new mother.

Project MAMA is needed not only for these reasons, but also because of the difficulties women have accessing healthcare in the UK amongst all their other struggles. Statistics are shocking and show that women from a migrant background are three times more likely to die in childbirth and four times more likely to suffer postnatal depression than other women in the UK. Their babies are more likely to be stillborn or born prematurely, to have a low birth weight, or to have birth defects. (Source: Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, 2015).

Furthermore, two thirds of women refugees are the survivors of sexual assault as a direct result of forced migration, of which pregnancy can be a consequence. (Source: Reproductive Health Matters, 2015)

We think this situation is intolerable and we are working hard to ensure women have equal access to healthcare and the nurturing support they need when they most need it.  

Project MAMA bridges this gap so that women will have the support they need during the maternity period. 

We appreciate immensely any donation offered to the project so we can continue with the vital work we do so no woman is denied the support they need for a safe and positive birth experience. 

Love and Solidarity,

 The team at Project MAMA 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£12 or more

Language translation costs for one mother

Our mamas to date speak 16 native languages. £12 provides vital translation services so mother-to-be can make informed birth choices and receive the required support ensuring she is prepared for birth.

£25 or more

One antenatal support session for a mother-to-be

£25 can pay for one session of tailored support from one of our dedicated Mother Companion volunteers, providing emotional support and preparing her for birth

£50 or more

No woman births alone

£50 provides on-call birth support to a mother-to-be referred to Project MAMA so she has crucial support for the duration of her labour, so no woman has to birth alone. Our volunteers are ready to support a mama for up to 4 weeks, 24/7 and stay by her side throughout labour & birth.

£75 or more

Postnatal Suport for Eight weeks

Having a newborn is so challenging, especially going-it alone. This provides 12 hours of extended post-natal support in the months following birth, with a known and trusted doula for physical & emotional recovery from birth, mother-baby bonding, infant soothing and feeding, and basic newborn care.

£100 or more

One months nurturing care for an expectant mother.

One whole month of Project MAMA pre & post natal support to a woman experiencing vulnerable times.

£200 or more

Emergency Fund

This amount contributes significantly to our Emergency Fund for mamas in exceptionally vulnerable times. This money is used to pay for groceries, bus fare and emergency hard-to-find baby items.

£300 or more

Every mama can attend our drop-in hub for one mont

This keeps our weekly drop-in hub running for one month! Expectant and new mama can seek support from peers, take part in a trauma-informed yoga class, enjoy a home-cooked meal, and gain vital antenatal and postnatal support, circumventing social isolation.

£600 or more

Support a mama on her journey to motherhood

Wow! With this much, one mama can have 6 months of one-to-one support. This hugely generous gift enables one mother to have ongoing holistic support from our wonderful Mother Companions throughout her journey to motherhood.

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