A Job Board For Teachers That Works!

A Job Board For Teachers That Works!

Help SupplyTeach create a job board for teachers that works for YOU. The more agencies advertise, the more teachers we can attract.

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SupplyTeach.co.uk is an online job board for teachers with a difference.  We've removed all the short term supply positions to create a separate directory of agencies that offer supply work.  Supply Teachers can now easily see who offers supply work locally to them, with those looking for permanent work benefiting from a streamlined job board which is not flooded with generic supply work adverts - something teachers told us they wanted to see.  We're also looking to do more than simply exist online as another job board for teachers, by actively attracting new teachers through social media and having a presence at university recruitment events.  SupplyTeach is about making a difference to education recruitment, making it easier for teachers to find the job they're looking for, making it cheaper for agencies and schools to advertise and to also promote the great work agencies are doing. 


Our website has been live for around 18 months now, so you may have heard about us already, but we've spent a lot on making adjustments to get things right and we're not finished yet.  Our goal is simply to be the 'go to place' for teachers to find work which is great news for them, and for you, but the task of achieving this is difficult.  Our packages to advertise are priced low because we want more agencies to give teachers more choice without having to hunt the internet to gather options.  Again, this sounds great, but the reality is that as an agency, you need to see that we have a high number of teachers visiting the site before spending with us and we totally understand this.  To give you the traffic you require, we need to spend, and a few agencies coming on board does not achieve a marketing budget sufficient to the task, and that's why we're crowdfunding.  We are appealing to recruitment agencies in the education industry for this, although if you would like to donate to a business that aims to make a difference in education, please make a donation to help us achieve this.


You're looking for teachers and to pay less on advertising so we're asking you to help us become that perfect option.  We've set up some simplified packages as pledge rewards to help you get what you need within your budget.  All annual packages are on a per branch basis, so if you have multiple branches, simply manually enter a pledge for the total amount and let us know the chosen option.  If you're not sure what you need, or have any questions about the options, please give us a call on 0333 006 7300 so we can talk you through what we have to offer.


£20,000 is the initial target, an amount with which we can really start making things happen for you, but the more we make, the more we can spend on achieving our joint focus - getting more teachers into work.  We've also set a stretch target of £100,000, and if we can achieve this, all agencies that have pledged will receive their second year with us half price!!!  If you'd rather keep spending more elsewhere to receive a return you're used to, we'll understand but it's those companies, those people that dare to do something different that achieve the most.  Let's together be the change that helps push the education recruitment industry forward.


SupplyTeach will start creating agency profiles and accepting job posts as soon as the £20k target has been reached.  We're in the middle of the September start vacancies so we do not wish to lose you time with that.  Payment will be taken once the scheme has been closed as successful, after the 1st June 2017.  If you have any urgent requirements after pledging, please get in contact and we'll do our best to help.



All reward packages are priced including VAT.


For more information about SupplyTeach, what we do and offer, please visit supplyteach.co.uk , email info@supplyteach.co.uk or give us a call on 0333 006 7300.