SupplyTeach - Online Job Board & Supply Directory

SupplyTeach - Online Job Board & Supply Directory

Help SupplyTeach improve teacher recruitment and lower the costs associated with advertising for schools and recruitment agencies.

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Help us improve teacher recruitment and lower the costs associated with advertising

SupplyTeach are looking for funds to help market and promote the company. We need to advertise in a big way across the country and become known to all teachers, schools and agencies.  Like any business, the hardest part is getting the brand out to the audience and this is where we need your help.

SupplyTeach was started by our Company Director, a former teacher who felt looking for teaching work, particularly supply work, was harder than it should be.  He was not alone.  Having spoken to many other teachers, it was clear that there are a number of pain points for teachers when looking for their next role.  These are:

  • Not knowing options for supply work. - A quick search online will find some agencies offering supply work locally, but these tend to be larger named agencies who can afford to be listed on the first page of results.  Other teachers may be able to tell you who they use, or who their school uses, but beyond this most will stuggle to name further companies who can offer supply work.  If you don't know your options, how do you know you're getting the best deal?
  • Not knowing whether an advert for supply teaching is actually a vacancy, or recruitment drive by the agency. - This makes looking for supply work more confusing.  Agencies need teachers and will recruit as many as possible, but may then not have the work to provide them all with.  Teachers are aware of this but trying to sort through the thousands of adverts to find the ones that are actually vacancies is tedious and off putting.
  • Not knowing where to find the best teaching jobs. - There are a few bigger named education job boards that are known to most teachers, but they don't have all the jobs.  This is because they are expensive to use so many schools simply cannot afford to use them, preferring to stick local options.  Not the best solution for either the school or the prospective teacher.  It's no surprise to us that schools find it so hard to recruit good teachers when the teachers struggle to find the job advertised.

Clearly, there needed to be a better option for teachers looking for work.  But there also needs to be a better option for schools and agencies looking for the teachers.  Schools tell us that big job boards are usually too expensive to use and local council websites do not offer the same reach.  There has been no middle ground, until now.  Agencies have a similar problem with advertising.  The biggest national job boards are a generalist approach for all job seekers, meaning finding teachers for a sector as specific as education renders these options as less profitable.

Welcome to SupplyTeach, the new online job board for teachers, leaders and support staff.  We aim to be the preferred education job board for all teachers, schools and agencies, providing advertising rates which are affordable for every school in the UK, whilst also providing lower rates to agencies and giving teachers the best selection of jobs. 

What makes SupplyTeach different in the world of online job boards?

As well as being clear, bright, easy to use and industry specific to education, offers a unique service, the Supply Directory.  We have made looking supply work easier by introducing the Supply Directory, a directory of agencies that offer work in your local area.  By removing all the supply work adverts from the job board, teachers have quick access to contact agencies and discuss what work they have that will fit their requirements. 

Why are we asking for donations?

SupplyTeach has already gone live but whilst we have great intentions, we need great marketing to provide all parties, teachers, schools and agencies with what they need.  Agencies and schools need to know we can reach out to teachers and most are unwilling to spend with us until we can prove results.  To give them the teachers they need, we need to attract teachers, which is difficult without the income from the agencies first.  We are therefore looking for a head start, a full marketing plan to attract all to the website.  We are looking at national press, billboards, online advertising and a national tour of universities to meet teachers in training at recruitment events. 

Obviously we could spend an unlimited amount on a marketing project, especially when we don't yet know which options will best work for us, but we are aiming to raise an initial £25k in order get our name out there.  Should we reach this target, we will not have failed.  All money raised will be put towards our marketing campaign and we will adjust this to suit our budget.  SupplyTeach is not a charity and we do aim to make profit, but at the same time your donation will be put towards a company who are lowering the cost of advertising for schools and aiming to improve the recruitment of teachers in the UK.  Surely, we are worth your consideration?

What else does SupplyTeach hope to achieve?

We already have plans to help schools lower their spend on supply teachers through agencies which will start in 2017.  Again, your donations will help us achieve this by growing our brand, increasing our connections and our reputation.