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The aim of this project is to have a database app that would act as a compass for charities delivering food and basic neccesities.

by Malgorzata Anna Kedzior in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

Working for my current employer I found out they have a special register for their vulnerable customers. And one sleepless night upon thinking about the worldwide covid19 crisis I got this idea. Why not build an app within which you would tag households that need an extra helping hand? Living in a red zone area and also having experienced some food shortages and low income in my life, I would like to help underpriviledged households as now more people are in debt and without supplies than ever before. Basic GPS mapping combined with reporting to a charity of choice, or the closest one, could make such a difference. Please share and support this project. Other possible names StockUp App Foodstock tbc. 


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