I'm raising the funds for stock, stationary and product testing.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Superscorer is a childrens game for ages 3+ or even younger. I created the concept to help teach my son the basics. but believe it can help build childrens motor skills and to help engage them into early learning. I believe teaching children through repitition can help develope their mental and physical abillites. I have used this concept myself for few years using combination of  football with education. Children can learn their ABC and 123, simple Maths and simple spellings to give your children the best head start. 

It comes with a easily fold away none slip mat, with numbers 1-10 printed  on to it, a goal small enough for the little ones, 27 disc including the full alphabet, numbers 1-10, shapes, smiley face and a clock, 2 corner posts with primary colour flags, small ball and pump.

My targets are nurseries, pre schools, children centres, football clubs and retail stores. 

I believe this game can help with obesity and children with special needs, due to none stop activities.

I've developed a website which needs alot of work but its useful for demonstration please visit    THANK YOU FOR VIEWING. :-) 

I've ordered 500 units from china due to funding I'm unable to proceed.  I would love to get your support to take this project to the next level.

Thanks a million.