Superheroes for Change

To raise enough funds to travel to Kenya for three months, collecting research, helping local organisations and communities in order to return to the UK and register the social enterprise superheroes for change!

We did it!

On 26th Feb 2014 we successfully raised £2,020 of £1,500 target with 15 supporters in 28 days

Overcoming poverty is not an act of charity but a matter of justice!

Who we are:

I am Jessica Louise Cruse and I have an idea for a unique social enterprise, a social enterprise that willwork with local grassroots organisations in Kenya in order to combat poverty and injustice. 

My passion and knowledge lies in Third World Politics and Africa, with a Bachelors degree, over six months travel experience in East Africa and years in Business Development, Marketing, Community Work and Charity Project Work, I am now taking the step to setting up my own organisation. 

The Plan:

We intend to use solution focused programs in order to deliver effective change to the most needy in East Africa, beginning in Kenya. By spending three months in Kenya I will be working closely with partner organisations to deliver much needed resources, funds and provide them with volunteer support from capacity building to support with resource mobilization and more.

Vital projects in Kenya are already doing amazing work tackling issues of poverty, child homelessness, isolation an unemployment. Most of these organisations are developed from a response to urgent need in communities, with child homelessness at an all time high. These organisations are dependent on local donations of food, resources and finances and many have no sustainable model. During my trip, Superheroes for Change will secure partnerships with these groups and provide vital support and guidance including key capacity building, resource management and developing income generating models.

We will also be running a series of pilot projects whilst in Kenya including:

                  kenya, superheroes for change

  • Employability workshops- providing people with help on employability and recruitment, enabling people in the most vulnerable and marginalised areas to find employment, improve their lives and escape poverty
  • Enterprise workshops- working with disadvantaged young people and women to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to create their own businesses and enteprises
  • Guardian Angel pilot- working with street children and local communities to strengthen local support systems to get children off the streets and into permanent homes 
  • Superhero documentary- filmingthe most needy and vulnerable groups, telling their story and creating a short documentary that will then be used to promote the work of superheroes for change and give people overseas a voice!
  • Untapped Talent- helping disadvantaged groups find, promote and enhance their skill, talent or passion and provide them with a platform to turn this into a career.         

Superheroes for Change- working with needy children      kenya, superheroes for change       kenya, superheroes for change

The three months spent in Kenya will be vital not only for my dream to set up this social enterprise and begin to effect real positive change. But in order to ensure these marginalised groups are supported, from street children to disadvantaged youth and isolated women's groups, I will travel around Kenya extensively to ensure these groups and reached and helped. 

The Ask:

I am raising £3000 to support this three month trip and am hoping to raise half of which through here: £1500. 

£1500= Three months travel and accomodation costs whilst in Kenya, I will be staying solely with Kenyan families, local homestays, eco homes and within the orphanages and children's homes I'm supporting.

Ensuring that I am staying where the beneficiaries live so that I can fully support the local economy and truly engage with vulnerable groups and communities. 

£500= Resources and Facilitation for above pilot projects whilst in Kenya. I will be purchasing different resources to support projects i.e. booking internet cafes to run employability workshops, purchasing stationery, USB'S and equipment to help people into employment .

I will also be providing each partner project with relevant resources needed i.e. clothes and shoes for orphans, books and stationery for local schools. I will be collecting these resources as well as purchasing what is needed

Supporting me on my journey will be supporting my efforts to help the most needy and vulnerable in Kenya as well as supporting my overcome poverty as an act of justice. 

After Kenya:

kenya, superheroes for change

Once I return from Kenya I will have established the levels of success of the pilot workshops aswell as the needs analysis of each project. I will be able to register and launch the social enterprise officialy; Superheroes for Changeand implement my ideas for programs to ensure the business can run self sufficiently through income generating activities and unique systems. 

I would like to thank you for taking the time to stop and view my fundraising page and video. If that is as far as your journey with Superheroes for Change remains, thank you again.

If you would like to support me there are a variety of ways:

  • Donate funds to the page 
  • Share this page and promote my cause (share with your contacts and anyone who you think would be interested in offering their support)
  • Donate key resouces for the projects in Kenya (clothes and shoes, toys and games, books and stationery, shirts and ties, computers and laptops, mobile phones and USB's)
  • Donate key resources to help Superheroes for Change (camera equipment, camcorder, camera tripod, USB's and memory sticks, memory cards for camera)
  • Volunteer in the UK (before my trip if you would like to volunteer with me and help raise funds and resources) or (volunteer in Kenya at one of the partner projects during my trip)
  • After Kenya: volunteer or be a part of the Superheroes for Change team 

kenya, superheroes for change Thank you again for taking the time to view this page!

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