Sunset Drive-In Movie Theatre & Diner

by jacques nel in St. Austell, England, United Kingdom

Sunset Drive-In Movie Theatre & Diner


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A Permanent Drive-In Movie Theatre with Retro styled Diner, Showing the latest released and classic films.

by jacques nel in St. Austell, England, United Kingdom

Why Us?

"There is NO permanent Drive-Ins with Diner in the U.K "

Growing up in South Africa we would go to the Drive-In movies with the whole family sometimes even the dog. Migrating to the U.K as a teenager I started to really miss the nostalgic experience of the Drive-In. I felt like everyone was missing out and couldn't understand why there are none in the U.K? Now with 15 years in hospitality and 8 years, landscaping and others services to the public and a lifelong passion for films has lead me to want to open Cornwall's first permanent Drive-In & Diner. I truly believe that the public would thoroughly enjoy the experience, as it will be a :

1. A new twist on an old idea.

2. A new experience for the younger generation.

3. Enjoyable and affordable outing for the whole family.

4. With our added special events. 

5.£20 per car/£5 per head.


  • . • Culture boom in the area, Sunset Drive-In will add to this.
  •  • Non-Drivers can share the Drive-In experience. 
  • • Somewhere to get Hot waffles & Ice cream late at night. 
  • • Children can fall asleep in the back of the car comfortably. 
  • • A venue for Classic car shows. 
  • • V.W owners club meetings. 
  • • Mini owners club meetings. 
  • • Hosting Flea Market Sundays.
  • • Themed Film Nights.
  • • Hard of hearing screenings. 
  • • Well behaved dogs welcome.

Sunset Drive-In will have unique features that are found nowhere else in the country. We need to exist for people to experience true nostalgia and quality family entertainment. The surveys that we have done suggest that there is still much interest in the Drive-in Movie scene. Sunset Drive-In will have a 60ft by 100ft  Outdoor permanent Screen.(that will withstand any Cornish weather we have).and with NEC  4K Digital projector displayed on it, we will have image quality that would beat any competitors out there at the moment.

The sound will be delivered through a AM/FM Transmitter,providing high quality digital audio through each car stereo system. We will include retro styled speakers on stands allocated for each car slot(in case the customer does not want to use their car stereo).

We cater to all,unlike our competitors we offer a service to non-drivers with stationary vehicles spread out over the 200 car spaces providing a variety of choice on where to sit.We will also show special screenings for hard of hearings customers .We intend to include a retro themed diner with concession stand included, for popcorn sweets and drinks .We intend to have a hot food waiter/delivery service to vehicles, therefore those annoying trips for popcorn & drinks can be avoided.


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8 free entries a year with free large popcorn. allowed to book spaces, everyone else is first come first serve.

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Let's make 'Sunset Drive-In Movie Theatre & Diner' happen