Let's get Bournemouth from ZERO to HERO!

Please help us create a self-serve, loose food, ZERO WASTE area in our store and become part of the solution for reducing plastic pollution!

We did it!

On 22nd Apr 2018 we successfully raised £3,494 with 178 supporters in 35 days


Link here - https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/sunrise-organics-from-zero-to-hero/updates/?

What we want to do...

Hi there! My name is Liz from Sunrise Organics Vegan Health Store and we are based on the South coast in the beautiful seaside town of Bournemouth in Dorset. We would like your help in raising £12,838 so we can create a dedicated self-service, zero waste area in our shop and get our pre-packed loose organic foods out of plastic! 

Why we want to do it...

Unless you have been living under a rock these past few months, it can't have escaped your notice from all the stories in the media plus of course the awesome BBC Blue Planet 2 series with the legendary Sir David Attenborough that we are currently DROWNING in plastic. It's EVERYWHERE! Many of us have for years lived in blissful ignorance as to the devastating impact our plastic habit has had (and continues to have) on the planet and its wildlife.  But now we know. Now we know we are quite simply destroying our seas and oceans and killing millions of birds and sea life in the process. All in the name of CONVENIENCE.

But there IS something we can do. By becoming more and more mindful of our shopping habits, particularly around food and drink, we CAN greatly reduce the amount of plastic we use and therefore our waste.  

What we need to do it... 

In order to get our loose foods out of their packaging we would like to buy a range of 'gravity fed' and 'ski boot' self-service dispensers, exactly the same as shown in the photos below. This will allow us to buy the items in bulk at a much lower price, eliminate the plastic as well as save countless cardboard boxes that these smaller packaged items currently get delivered in. The monetary saving will be passed on to you, the shopper, and so not only will you be helping to save the planet but you will be saving yourself some pennies too! 

(The above photos were taken with kind permission from the guys at Earth. Food. Love in Totnes, Devon.)

Not only would we like the above self-service dispensers but we'd also quite like a rather all-singing, all-dancing set of electronic scales. These will allow you to bring your own container to use (be it a jar, bottle, Tupperware box, cotton produce bag), get what is known as a 'tare weight' (the weight of the container empty), a label with a barcode will get printed, you then fill your container with your chosen produce, scan the barcode, reweigh and then only pay for the contents. Happy days! 

Great little video here demonstrating EXACTLY the kinda zero waste area we are looking to create at Sunrise. (Ours will be larger and the weighing system a bit more high-tech though!) 

Why we need your help...

The bottom line is, sadly none of the things we would like to buy are exactly cheap and having already sunk our savings into the shop when we opened, there just isn't any money spare to make this dream a reality...  

We really want to make your zero waste shopping experience with us as easy, enjoyable and user-friendly as possible and in order to do so, we will need to invest in the following:

  • 38 x Martek full height, narrow width gravity fed dispensers @ £95 each plus VAT = £4332.00
  • 24 x  Martek full height, full width gravity fed dispensers @ £100 each plus VAT = £2880.00
  • 18 x Martek small ski boot dispensers @ £65 each plus VAT = £1584.00
  • Delivery for Martek dispensers @ £100 plus VAT = £120.00
  • Bizerba electronic self-service scale @ £2240 plus VAT = £2688.00
  • Bizerba set-up, configuration and training @ £195 plus VAT = £234.00
  • Fixtures, fittings and labour @ £1000.00

Grand total = £12,838

Although this may seem like quite a large amount to raise, we are firm believers in the original concept behind crowdfunding and that is LOTS of people donating a little, rather than a few donating a lot. (Not that we would mind that either!) So honestly and truly, any money you can spare will be immensely appreciated, even if it is only a fiver.  

However if you are able to offer more, then do check out our rewards and see if there's one that floats your zero waste boat.

And should we be successful in our campaign, the knock-on effect of having this plastic-free food buying facility available to the good people of Bournemouth will benefit many in the community for YEARS to come and of course most importantly of all, OUR BEAUTIFUL BLUE PLANET... 

A bit more about us...

Sunrise Organics is owned and run by Liz Josey and Mark Lewis. We opened our doors on Saturday 1st August 2015 and in so doing, became the first and only 100% vegan food store in Bournemouth. We specialise in high quality organic whole foods and 'super foods' as well as stocking organic vegan vitamins and supplements, body care, baby care, household cleaning products, essential oils as well as organic fruit and veg. 

A LOT has changed since we opened the doors just over 2 and a half years ago! After running the business full time and working flat out ourselves for nearly 2 years we are now a Sunrise Team of 4. (PHEW!) Mark's beautiful daughter Peppa joined us in June 2017 and works alongside us 4 days a week and the lovely Stella (an ex nurse and current acupuncturist) joined us in October 2017 and works with us on Mondays - HURRAH! We like to think we're a fun and friendly bunch and pride ourselves on our commitment to personal service, creating a welcoming and relaxed  shopping environment for our customers as well as being willing to 'go the extra mile'.

We already offer a refill scheme for washing up liquid, laundry liquid, fabric conditioner, hand wash, shampoo and conditioner (as seen in the photos above) as well as stocking several package free and reusable products however being able to create an area in the shop dedicated to the environment would truly be the icing on the zero waste cake! 

Thank you for taking the time to look at our campaign and let's make Bournemouth a ZERO WASTE HERO! 

Sunny wishes, 

Liz and the team at Sunrise x 

Visit our website -  http://www.sunrise-organics.co.uk/

Find us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SunriseOrganicsBournemouth/

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